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wpid-3902608427_653548d940_b.jpgOne of the most important skills I’ve learned over the years is how to pay attention to my body and the cycles it naturally goes through.

I’m not talking about just that “special” week when Aunt Flo visits – I mean each cycle. For example, I notice I get hungry for a couple of days each month, about a week before I start my period. And I get a funny little twinge when I’m ovulating (and I also tend to look a lot better that week!). The following week I get all bloaty and then things clear up right before the big visit from my least favorite aunt. 

I get more emotional the week before the “visit” and knowing that helps me to take things less seriously that week (so much better than a monthly existential crisis, am I right?). 

But that’s just me. Apparently, there are certain fairly standard things that each of us can expect during the ebbs and flows of our cycles. 

So, while I’m pretty comfortable in the knowledge of my own body, it occurred to me that maybe you’re not, just yet. 

And you know me – I’m all about sharing useful info. So here you go – a really great article I found on Bustle about “What to Expect When You’re NOT Expecting.” Ha! I love it. 

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