Guest Authors

We are pleased to publish guest blogs from authors who submit to our editorial team and from survivors who submit their stories through our site.

For Narcissistic Abuse Survivors

Angie Atkinson built this site and its other platforms because she was on a mission to help her fellow narcissistic abuse survivors. That is only one reason that this mission is always in the front of our minds as we continue to serve survivors in their narcissistic abuse recovery. Every narcissistic abuse recovery support team member is also a survivor who has joined the mission to serve.

Because of this mission, we are fully are committed to serving our fellow survivors through information, validation, support, and enabling their healing – nothing more, nothing less. We know how painful and  We have found that for a lot of survivors, it can be therapeutic to share their stories, and for nearly all survivors, it can be very validating to read or hear the stories of other survivors. That’s one of the many reasons we invite you to share your stories here.

How to Submit Your Narcissistic Abuse Survivor Story

So, once you’ve read the survivor story rules and guidelines, survivors of narcissistic abuse may submit their stories here. Please note: this link is ONLY for survivors of narcissistic abuse, NOT for marketers or fellow bloggers looking for a free link or ad for their site.

These submissions are painstakingly reviewed and managed by our editorial team, and they absolutely will not publish anything that remotely resembles an ad. Additionally, there will be no external links published in survivor stories.

For other coaches, creators, businesses, and professional bloggers and marketers.

If you are looking to submit a professional guest post, please note the following.

  • First and foremost: We are very protective of our audience since most of our members are narcissistic abuse survivors. That means they’re trauma victims and are often very vulnerable. That’s why we only accept guest posts that serve them and their healing in some way. Even if you offer to pay for the ability to publish your post with this blog, if it does not meet that simple standard, it will absolutely be rejected.
  • Our blog editor will consider the article content for relevance, professionalism, style, length, grammar, and spelling.
  • Assuming the article has otherwise followed our writer’s guidelines, we will accept it once all other publishing requirements have been fulfilled.
  • All articles are published “as is” unless one of our blog editors edits for language, grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation.

How to submit your guest post

Follow the instructions listed here.

Guest Post FAQ

Q. What if I just want to submit a pitch or idea for a genuine GUEST POST (as opposed to a sponsored post with a link to a paid product or service, or for a free link-back)?

A. Email our office with your pitch and we will let you know if the post will work for our audience.

Q. Can you link back to my blog from my survivor story submission? 

A. We don’t link to external sites in our survivor stories, but we are happy to consider your proposal if you pitch before you submit it. Posts that we solicit or seek out may allow for one link if our team determines it is helpful for our audience.

Q. What if  I don’t hear back from your office when I submit my pitch? 

A. We may not always have the time to respond to every pitch. You can subscribe to our newsletter and watch our site to find out if your post is published.

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