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Editor’s Note: Welcome to the first edition of Evolving Riley, a new column at QueenBeeing from brand-new mom Riley Barker.

“Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day.”~Taylor Hanson

20150614_0020371As a new mom, I’m learning something new every single day with my little guy. For example, he’s already taught me something pretty major in his two months or so on this earth – he’s a different kid every day.

What do I mean? Well, as you might already be aware, when babies are very young, they almost literally have a new development a day.

In the beginning, your newborn will have bowel movements that are think and dark in color, this is called meconium.

This will only last up to 2 weeks. as your baby starts to eat the meconium starts to clear out your baby’s bowl movements will start you be yellowish in color and runny like diarrhea. 

When you’re a new mom, every little development is fascinating to you.

I will admit the changes in their bowels are not as fun as baby learning to smile or open up his or her hands and not clench them into fists all the time.

Or dare I say it? The developmental stage that leads to babies sleeping longer at night. What new mom isnt counting the days until she can get a few hours of shut-eye in a row?

After a few months, your baby will sleep longer at night because he or she is having more REM sleep and lets you sleep for longer periods of sleep.  Every detail is important to a new mom!

And for me, just as amazing as the first. What about you?

Help a New Mama Out! Now, tell me some of your baby’s recent (or memorable) developments in the comments below!

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