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Dear DTB Challengers,

grocery girlOur big challenge starts one week from today! Are you prepared?

Learn more about the Dare to Bare Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge.

As we gear up to start our Dare to Bare Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge in collaboration with MTM Body on Tuesday, Sept. 3, one week from today, we all need to be focusing on our goals in relation to the challenge.

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If you’re joining up, the first thing to do is to create a plan so that you’re mentally and physically prepared for the challenge.

I don’t mean to imply that the challenge is going to be a terribly, horribly painful thing—it’s not. In fact, my guess is that you’ll be feeling pretty amazing when you get moving.

I am simply suggesting that you take a few simple steps to prepare so that you’ll feel strong and ready to go when it’s time to get moving. Consider the following ideas now to be ready to roll on Tuesday!

What are you going to eat?

Decide in advance what sort of diet you’ll follow during the challenge, and make sure you have the appropriate foods in the house on Tuesday morning.  I’ll be going traditional (for me, that means counting Weight Watchers Points), but you can do whatever works for you.

Consider trying to choose a plan suck—you don’t want to feel deprived. This is an eight-week commitment, and that means you need to choose an option that you can live with for that long. No fasting, no eating weird foods you don’t normally eat.

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Steps to Take

Decide what you’re going to eat.

Make a shopping list.

Clear your pantries and fridge of unhealthy foods that can cause you to slip up.

Get to the grocery store before Tuesday and be sure your kitchen is stocked with plenty of healthy, easy-to-access foods.

Are you ready to get healthy? Share your thoughts on diet and what to eat to be healthy in the comments section, below.

Sign up for the Dare to Bare Challenge for free!

Next up: How are you going to work out?

Check out the specifics of the Dare to Bare Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge, including rules and opportunities to win prizes, right here.

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