Bliss Missions

il_fullxfull.362042414_i4z0What is a Bliss Mission?

A Bliss Mission is an optional assignment that, if completed, could increase your own personal bliss by making your life just a little bit better.

All About Bliss Missions

Most days, Project Blissful participants will receive a new Bliss Mission in their in boxes. These are optional, of course, but they are directed toward the ultimate goal of becoming the best possible version of yourself. You can just read them, or you can do as much as you wish.

This is all about you and what feels right for you–but don’t be afraid to stretch the boundaries of your previous self. This new self you’re creating is whoever you want her to be–and maybe she’s someone who values herself enough to take an extra ten minutes a day to improve her life.

Each Bliss Mission will include a set of affirmations to get you started, followed by a few brief self-reflection questions and a mini-project.

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