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Reading is good for you on so many levels, and in the age of the Kindle and other e-readers that literally allow you to carry your books in your pocket, there’s almost no excuse not to do it. 

That, along with a desire to bring light to the world around us, is what drives me to publish the work I do. I also love my readers and am so very grateful for each of you – and that’s why I like to give you free stuff as often as I can! 

ang3My name is Angela Atkinson, and I’m a certified life coach who is also the creator and editor-in-chief at

Before I was a certified life coach, I was a writer – and the reason I became a certified life coach was to allow me to further share my message – the one that says that every single person alive has the potential to choose the life they want. 

I am all about passion – in my life, my relationships, my work – everything. I find that if you can do it with passion, it’s worth doing. 

And while I believe in my message so strongly that I really want to give every piece of information I have away (and I do), I also sometimes need to get paid, if I’m going to continue doing this work that I love so much (and that has helped so many people so far – and continues to do so – more than 15 thousand subscribers strong so far!), so I sell my books too. 

I do keep the prices super-low, though, because hey – I’ve been broke before and could’ve really used some of this advice. I love to pay it forward – so none of my individual ebooks are priced over $5 (most are less than $3). 

Still, I want you to have the book for free if possible. All I’d ask is that you’d consider reviewing it on, if it’s not too much trouble. 

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So how do you get in on the free stuff? Check this out. 

Two Ways to Get Free eBooks

There are a couple ways you can get on the free book train around here.

  1. First, you can just keep an eye on our site (or our Facebook page) – we will always post about our free ebook giveaways here.
  2. QueenBeeing’s registered members are often treated to free copies of new ebooks during special promotional periods, and we offer many other benefits and freebies for the wonderful people who sign up for our free email newsletter. (Sign up here)

Check out my author page at for a full listing of available titles. 

Here are a few of my most popular currently published works. 

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On Personal Success and Getting What You Want In Life

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On Narcissism and NPD

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