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What is NPD? Animated Angie Geeks Out in A Brief History of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Y’all know what a research nerd I am, right?

In today’s episode of Narcs of Our Lives, Animated Angie totally geeks out with a brief history of the history of narcissistic personality disorder. Plus, you’ll meet two Ancient Animated Friends that will take you back thousands of years to the very first mention of narcissism (yeah, we’re talking about Narcissus), and Angie and the rest of the ragtag bunch will take you through the centuries to today’s official DSM diagnostic criteria of NPD or narcissistic personality disorder.

A fun, animated way to learn something new. Featuring the theories of Sigmund Freud, among other psychoanalysts and psychiatrists. Might offer some insight into the psychology of NPD, including gaslighting and more.

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