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Is there ever a good reason to stay with a narcissist? Is healing even possible during the invalidation and difficulties that come with a narcissist in a relationship? Can you heal while staying with a narcissist? Angie Atkinson and Kim Saeed from Let Me Reach offer their thoughts on whether or not it’s possible to heal while staying with a narcissist – PLUS: the hard truth about how a narcissistic relationship will affect your kids and what Kim says you can do to get out.

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2 Responses to Can you heal without leaving the narcissist? With Kim Saeed

  1. This is a side note on the subject but it was something that was on my mind the whole time that I was watching the video: church. I was raised in church my whole childhood. Part of that upbringing was the mantra of tough love and not getting a divorce at all costs. My wife and I went to a lot of counseling through various pastors (of which everything was my fault of course). I know that some of my staying with her was just my fear of not being loved by God or even being looked down on by other people in the church. I know that there are times when you just have to work through things, but after 20 years I realized that I wasn’t all wrong. In fact, I often had a correct view of a problem and that I was just getting bullied. Once I started assertively standing for myself the relationship deteriorated rapidly. 6 years ago I decided to leave the relationship and I wish I had done it waaaay sooner. But I know that my fear of church and disobeying God was something that kept me in a very unhealthy relationship. As far as healing from the relationship, leaving was the best thing for me. I would have to say that most people in my church really turned away from me, and that hurts. But, some didn’t, and that’s just part of the process of learning who your friends really are. And I also know that God loves me no matter what, so we’re good. Thanks for the videos and articles. It has helped me and my daughters very much.

  2. The tricky part is that here at the end of hope
    I’m so broken outwardly -and internally
    It’s hard to function to figure out the broken car , finances , face , children with a broken heart
    I feel so tired
    I’m overwhelmed at how much it will take
    And for what to meet more greedy people who don’t notice to care and will run over anything to get what they want ?
    I’ve been told I’m ugly literally and figuritvley

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