How to Reclaim Your Feminine Power After Toxic Relationships

How to Reclaim Your Feminine Power After Toxic Relationships

Are you feeling like life after a toxic relationship has noting to offer?

  • Are you bored and feeling kinda ugly and unapproachable lately?
  • Are you tired of feeling unattractive?

Do you wanna bring out your inner goddess? Do you want to bring your sexy back, or to find it for the first time?

Good news – I’m a total nerd who loves to study the science behind human psychology, including attraction and how it works. That’s why I’m always paying attention and asking questions.

Today, I’m sharing something that answers the question every woman wants answered, but few are brave enough to really ask.

And many women have a different idea of what men consider hot. That’ why I asked my focus group of about 150 people what they think makes a woman hot.

Just as some similarities in perceptions showed through, there were some very marked differences between men and women on what they think makes a women hot. I’ll explain all that for you – and more – in this video. 

12 Must-Know Safe Sun Tips to Avoid Skin Cancer This Summer

12 Must-Know Safe Sun Tips to Avoid Skin Cancer This Summer

It’s summertime and that means it’s time for fun in the sun!

Young_woman_in_a_red_bikiniThat’s all good, but nobody wants skin cancer – so don’t forget to protect your skin and the skin of your family. You’ve probably read the headlines that have recently put sun safety back in the news for better (and worse). And while public awareness has increased regarding the risks of excessive sun exposure, there is still a long way to go.

One major breakthrough is progress on a personalized vaccine for melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer.

At the same time, skin cancer has increased among all ages. One study found that seniors in Britain are 7 times more likely to develop melanoma compared to 40 years ago.

Forget About ‘Safer’ Tanning!

If you’re wondering whether tanning beds are a safer alternative, think again. Many doctors now recommend strengthening the warning signs to say they cause cancer.

Fortunately, most of the risks of sun exposure can be eliminated through healthy sun habits. Try these steps for protecting yourself and your children.

Sun Safety Tips for Kids

It’s especially important to minimize early sun exposure. The greatest risk factor for skin cancer is the sunlight you receive before age 20.

1. Keep babies in the shade. Doctors advise against using sunscreen on babies less than 6 months old because they may be sensitive to the chemicals they contain. That means infants need to be kept out of direct sunlight. Dress your baby in a hat and clothes that provide full coverage. Buy a stroller with a canopy and treat your car windows with UV film.

2. Watch your toddler. Toddlers are too busy exploring the world to worry about staying under a beach umbrella. In addition to sunscreen, keep an eye on how much sun they’re catching.

3. Educate your teens. Teens may believe that tanning is glamorous. Discuss the long-term effects and go shopping for high fashion sunhats.

4. Talk with your child’s school. How can your kids reapply their sunscreen if their school classifies it as a medication that requires special forms? Join with other parents to encourage reasonable policies.

Sun Safety Tips for All Ages

Managing sun exposure is a life-long concern. The effects are cumulative, so it pays to be extra careful if you already had sunburns as a child.

1. Apply sunscreen correctly. It takes a full ounce of sunscreen to cover the average body. Remember the spots that often get missed like ears and the sides of your torso and legs.

2. Avoid the hottest hours. Midday sun is the strongest. If possible, arrange your schedule to be indoors between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

3. Wear protective clothing. While some clothing is advertised as providing extra sun protection, the FDA typically does not regulate those claims. You can achieve the same results for less money with any garment that adequately covers your skin.

4. Put on sunglasses. Your eyes need shade as well. Check that the label indicates broad-spectrum protection when buying both sunscreen and sunglasses.

5. Be vigilant year round. Forget about slacking off in winter. Just like sand and concrete, snow reflects the sun, and you can become sunburned on cloudy days.

6. Spray it on. If you still want to brown your skin, spray products are a smart solution. Test a spot on your arm first to ensure you aren’t allergic to a product before spreading it all over.

7. Inspect your body. Regular skin examinations are essential for both children and adults because most melanomas can be seen by the naked eye, and cured when caught in the early stages. Pay attention to moles and any changes in your skin. See your doctor promptly to discuss any concerns, and find the right level of protection based on your family’s lifestyle.

Enjoy the sun and take in the vitamin D your body needs without increasing your risk for premature aging and skin cancer. Wear sunscreen, avoid the hottest hours, and practice other simple and healthy sun habits.

I Can’t Believe I Really Cut It All Off – 25 Inches GONE!

I Can’t Believe I Really Cut It All Off – 25 Inches GONE!

I Cut It All Off – 25 Inches GONE!



I have had long hair for about 11 years. When I say long I mean all the way down to my butt long.  

I would get it trimmed every once in a while but I hated cutting it.

 One day my daughter and I were discussing front bangs and I told her how didn’t like them and would never get them.



Of course she had to disagree with me and started browsing through google and trying to find a photo of a woman with straight bangs that I would love.

Now she has this need to convince me that she is right and bangs are rockin’! After about 15 minutes of showing me photos she comes across one and I am immediately in love.

I look over at her and throw her phone back across the room to her waiting hand. Smiling I tell her to call our hair dresser because I am getting my first real hair cut in 11 years. Bangs even! She is more than over joyed!



So after making the appointment and posting on social media for 3 days about how I’m going to take the plunge the day arrives.

I woke up with my hair wrapped around my neck/head for the last time!

No more having to wake up and move my hair to roll over in the middle of the night! No more having to wear hair clips just to bend over and see something.

No more having to hold my head away from chairs and car seats because my hair is too long and I have to keep it up so I don’t sweat to death. No more split ends and not wanting to cut them off. No more hot neck. No more hot back! No more hot sweaty days simply because I didn’t bring a hair tie.

No more having to worry about my hair breaking or making sure I give it nutrients to grow long. No more expensive hair spray to hold a heavy long curl. No more having to use hot rollers twice just to get a curl to stay half the day. No more having to have a hair clip in the shower just to wash it all.

No more smacking people in the face with hair when I move it off my shoulders or when just sitting in a car. No more your hair takes up more room than you in the pool. OMGosh NO MORE LONG HAIR!



I was super excited and way overwhelmed all at the same time. Making such a big life change was CRAZY but I was tired of all that HAIR!



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