9 Fun & Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Real Women

9 Fun & Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Real Women

It’s almost that time of year to don the perfect costume and head out for your night of scary fun. But when it’s time to get read to celebrate Halloween, you want to be sure that you have a costume that’s comfortable and makes you look good. Here’s what our fearless editor wore for a Halloween party this year – a Venus costume. 

fun sexy halloween costume ideas for women

As always, there are plenty of popular costumes that hit the list of best-selling ones. Some of these costumes are zombie costumes, goddess costumes, and costumes that are based on female villains.

When you’re a woman looking for the perfect costume, you want to first decide the type that you’re going for.

Are you looking for something funny or serious? Something modern or old fashioned? Some of the most popular costumes this year are related to older time periods in history such as the ones that feature kings, queens and knights in shining armor.

Women’s Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume

It’s not too late to be the star of your Halloween party! With a shiny red, white and blue costume, you could easily go as a superhero fighting the bad guys to make the city safe from harm.

But it’s much more fun when you when you can play the part of the super villain. This year for Halloween, you can go as Dr. Harley Quinn when you’re wearing the Women’s Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume.

Let the mayhem and chaos commence. This is an officially licensed costume that has the appeal of leather but in a more comfortable material than that so you’ll be able to party the night away.

The pants of the costume are a pair of Spandex leggings that feature a harlequin design. One leg is black with maroon designs while the other leg is maroon with black designs.

The waistband of the leggings has a wide black belt that looks like leather. This belt is decorated with small silver studs and a silver buckle. The top of the costume is made in a bustier style.

There are a series of lacing going from the bottom part of the top up toward the neckline. There are black straps with buckles on either side of the top. The bra part of the top is done in the same alternating colors that you find on the leggings.

A black choker comes as part of this costume and features the same silver stud pieces as found on the belt. The choker also has a buckle in the center. This is a snug fitting piece that stays on with the use of a velcro closure.

A pair of glovelettes also come with the costume. The length of these run from above the elbow to the knuckles of the hands. One glovelette has a maroon sleeve with a black glove. The other one has a black sleeve with a maroon glove.

The boots that Harley wears do not come included as part of the costume. You can get these separately. Look for boots that are made in a combat style. You can search under goth if necessary.

The boots should lace up the front and have a clunky heel if you want to be authentic. You can also purchase a blond wig that’s made up in the pigtails that Harley is known to wear.

If you’d rather have a dress version of the costume, you can get that with the Secret Wishes DC Comics Super Villain Harley Quinn Costume that’s done in red and black colors. This costume includes one red and one black glove.

Women’s Captain America Costume


Staying in the number one most popular spot this year for women is the Women’s Captain America Costume and it’s easy to see why. Not only is the costume based on a hero that everyone loves, but the costume is also very figure flattering.

It’s made of 90% polyester with 10% of it being Spandex. It’s this material that gives the costume its form fitting appeal. It’s also what helps it be able to fit any body type. The pants part of this jumpsuit is a lovely blue color that has a sheen when the light hits them.

The middle part of the jumpsuit features a portion of the torso that’s made of red and white stripes. The top of the jumpsuit has a blue background color with a large white start centered in the middle.

The sleeves are long and white to the middle of the forearms. The bottom of the sleeves of the jumpsuit are red and reach to the middle of the palm of the hand to simulate the gloves that Captain America wears.

Though the jumpsuit is shown with a pair of red knee length boots, these boots are not part of the costume. The Captain America shield is also not part of the costume. However, you can buy a pair of shiny red boots like the ones shown as a separate accessory.

You can also find the low heeled boots in white. The shield and other Captain America accessories can be purchased separately as well. If you really want to dress like Captain America for Halloween but you’re not a fan of jumpsuits, you do have other options.

One option is the Rubie’s Costume Women’s Marvel Universe Adult Captain America Tank Dress. This would make a great party dress. This top quality dress is a sleeveless, light blue tank dress that’s 100% polyester.

The dress length is about mid thigh and it is form fitting. The center of the dress features the iconic red and white stripes for the torso. This pattern does not go all the way around the dress and is only on the front.

So from behind, it looks like a plain blue tank dress. At the bust area is the large white star. There are no accessories as part of this costume so if you want those, you’ll have to get them separately.

Women’s Star Wars Costumes: Boba Fett

Halloween is a night of trick or treating for the kids, but for adults, it can be a fun time to dress up. Whether you’re looking for the perfect costume to dress up in so that you can hand our goodies or you’re planning to attend a Halloween party, you have a lot of options that you can choose from.

There are superhero costumes for women, or, you can choose something from medieval times. But, the most popular costumes this year are the Star Wars costumes such as the officially licensed Women’s Star Wars Costumes Boba Fett.

This costume is a jumpsuit that’s 100% synthetic and it has to be hand washed. The color of the suit is a light gray but portions of it are light green and it has a few touches of yellow.

The green pieces simulate the armor that the character wore in the movie. There is a brown belt at the waist that’s made to look like leather and has molded pockets on it.

The suit is long sleeved and one of the sleeves has a molded armor piece at the wrist fitting up to mid forearm. The shirt has a high collar. A cape is attached to the back of the shirt. There is a two piece mask that comes with the costume.

Female Darth Vader Costume 

Another great costume for women from the Star Wars films is the Secret Wishes Star Wars Female Darth Vader Costume. This was the villain that everyone loved to hate.

The costume is made of 100% polyester and has to be hand washed as well. The costume features a thigh high black skirt that’s trimmed in red. A belt for the waist is part of the costume and is printed to look like it has electronic pieces on it.

The shirt is long sleeved and black as well. It has a center panel that also features printed electronic pieces. A headpiece in black comes with the costume and this piece can completely cover the hair.

It can tie or hang loosely. Black knee socks that are decorated to look like body armor are also included. The light saber is sold as a separate accessory and so are the shoes.

If you’re looking for an upscale version of the Darth Vader costume, then you’ll want to check out the Rubie’s Costume Star Wars Kimono Feudal Darth Vader Costume. This officially licensed costume black gown in rich tones that’s trimmed in red accents.

There is a red wide sash for the waist area and a long piece of fabric from that hangs down in the front of the gown. The top portion of the gown is decorated to look as if there is an electronic piece in the front as was worn by Darth Vader in the films.

The sleeves of the gown are long and wide and hang to the mid calf length of the dress. The neckline is trimmed in red. Included with the costume is a fan featuring the printed face of Darth Vader.

Deluxe Renaissance Lady Costume


But the most popular costume for women this year is the Deluxe Renaissance Lady Costume and it’s sure to garner you plenty of compliments. This is a floor length dress in a rich purple color.

The material of the dress is crushed velvet and it has plenty of give to it, which means the dress will fit different body sizes quite well. The dress does offer plenty of warmth so you’ll be able to fight the chill of the night if you live in a colder climate.

The front sides of the dress are lined with a thin ribbon of material that’s set on a pale background. This allows the design on the material to stand out. The bodice of the dress is done in a corset style and features several rows of lacing.

These tie into a bow at the very last row. The neckline of the costume is a square neck that’s decorated in the same material that lines the front of the dress. This is a long sleeve dress and the sleeves end in wide sleeves like the women wore back in the medieval times.

Around the upper arms on each sleeve are bands that feature the same design as shown on the front of the dress. The headband and shoes do not come as part of this costume but can be purchased separately.

If you’re looking for a renaissance costume in another style, you might want to consider the California Costumes Women’s Lady In Waiting costume. This is also a floor length dress that’s made of 100% polyester.

The dress comes with an underskirt. The top layer of the dress is royal purple while the bottom layer is green. The top of this costume is green trimmed in white ribbon at the collar and waist. The sides of the top are in the same purple color as the skirt.

The sleeves of the top are long and are in green with the same design that’s featured as is shown on the center of the top. Overlaying the sleeves are royal purple wing sleeves that are puffed at each of the tops. A gold crown with jewels is included with this costume.

Egyptian Goddess Costume

This costume stands out not only as unique but it’s also very flattering and is sure to win the best dressed award.

This is a thigh high dress made of quality polyester. It does have to be hand washed. The dress is thigh high in length and it’s done in two complementing colors. The bottom layer of the dress is black on the skirt portion.

The top layer of the skirt is done in teal. This layer is gathered and bunched on either side just below the waist. The waist area has a wide gold belt with a wide center piece in the shape of a necktie.

This piece hangs almost to the bottom edge of the skirt. The top of the dress is black in the center and gathered on both sides. These sides are in the teal color. A sheer hangs below the knees and is attached to the back of the skirt.

A pair of gold glovelettes are part of this costume. These pieces run from above the elbow to the wrist and are snug fitting. Attached to the bottoms of these glovelettes is the same sheer material that’s on the back part of the skirt.

With the costume is a wide, gold collar that lies flat on the neck. On this collar are different size and color decorations that represent jewels. The crown that comes with the costume is a gold color.

At the center of the crown is a raised cobra head that’s done in the colors of gold and teal. The sandal heels and wig aren’t part of this costume, but you can purchase those and additional pieces to add to the costume.

You’ll want to get the Rubie’s Costume Goddess Sandals if you’re looking for the same shoes that go with the costume. These are available in sizes ranging from small to large.

The material is faux leather. The straps can fit a variety of leg sizes. If you’d like to have the snake arm bands, you’ll want to buy the Metal Snake Armband by Peter Alan, Inc. For the wig, you can choose from long, braided hair with the Queen Cleopatra Wig.

Or you can pick the short hair version with the Enigma Wigs Women’s Egyptian Queen one. For earrings, you’ll want to pick something like the Rubie’s Costume Co
Grecian Earrings.

Hooded Huntress Costume (Teens/Tweens)

Finding the perfect costume for your teen takes a little bit of planning ahead. You want to make sure that you find something that fits your teen’s personality. But you also want to find a costume that’s well made and will stand out.

Some of the various options that are popular this year are based on characters who used bows. For example, Merida from Brave is a popular teen costume. So are the young female Robin Hood costumes.

But the most popular costume for this year that’s flying off the shelves is the Hooded Huntress Costume. This costume allows a teen to be stylish and still have that cool factor that the girls want to have.

This costume features a short tunic. A tunic is a sleeveless piece of material that looks like a short dress. This one is dark gray in color and has a length that’s several inches above the knee.

The neckline of the tunic is in a vee shape and has a black string lace up closure. There is a black shoulder strap with the tunic that has a buckle at the shoulder of the strap. This buckle is made of thin metal.

The center of the tunic has a large, wide belt. This belt has a black background color and is decorated with gold designs. The center of the belt is arched at the top and bottom. The belt is made of comfortable fabric. The belt ties on.

There is a cape that comes with the tunic. The cape has a large hood that features a thin gold chain that goes around the neck to help keep the hood in place. The cape is made of velvet

Two wrist gauntlets come as part of the costume and both are done in black. These fit from the wrist to mid forearm. These pieces are made of fabric rather than plastic so your teen won’t have to worry about any irritating rubbing that plastic pieces can sometimes cause.

To complete the look, you’ll want to add a pair of black leggings, since these are not included with the purchase of the costume. A pair of mid-calf black boots are also needed since these aren’t included either.

The bow and arrow that every huntress needed is a separate accessory and you can find these in a variety of sizes and styles. One of these is the Princess Paradise Bow and Arrow Set. This costume is designed to fit up to size 14. So if you have a larger teen, you can get the women’s costume in the same design and that should fit.

Hot Halloween: 3+ Sexy Plus-Size Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Hot Halloween: 3+ Sexy Plus-Size Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Looking for unique and sexy Halloween costume ideas for plus size women? Here are our picks for 2015. 


Plus Size Darling Robin Hood Costume

When you want to find the perfect plus size costume for Halloween, you want to make sure that you get the one that flatters your figure and is comfortable to wear as long as you need to wear it.

Since Halloween is only one night of the year, you want to go all out to get the fun costume. Some of the popular fun options that you can choose from include storybook characters such as Little Red Riding Hood.

Storybook costumes are always a big hit at parties especially if you have a partner who can dress up like another character in the same story. One fictional character that’s the most popular this year is Robin Hood.

Now, you can dress just like the hero of the forest in the Plus Size Darling Robin Hood Costume. This costume is a three piece set. The first piece is a short thigh high dress in a brilliant green color.

The material is 100% polyester and due to the intricate detail, you’ll have to wash the dress if you need to clean it. The bottom of the dress has a small bit of a flare out to it. Part of the reason that the skirt of this costume flares out is due to the full, black lace petticoat.

But this piece does not come as part of the costume, so if you want the skirt to stand out, you’ll have to get that separately. The torso of the dress is the same green as the skirt. In the middle of the top of the dress are two pieces of brown material made to simulate a vest.

Three leather looking straps with stud designs and buckles connect the sides of the vest. The top of the shirt is a V neck and it has a lace up closure that’s connected with a black string.

One side of the sleeves is designed with a strip of material that looks like black leather and has notched edges. The other side of the sleeve is covered with a shoulder cape. The shoulder cape is a slinky black that’s short and hangs right about the waist area.

Two arm cuffs are included with the dress. These arm cuffs are made of brown to simulate leather. In the middle of each of the cuffs is a black band strip that features a large buckle.

The cuffs fit from the wrist to the mid forearm. At the end of the cuffs closes to the forearm, there are small strips of black lace that match the petticoat that you can buy separately.

Across the costume, running from the shoulder to the waist is a thin black strap. This black strap is part of the money bag decoration. This piece is a brown cloth bag that’s trimmed in black rolled edging.

There is a zipper in the back of the dress and the sizing tends to run a bit smaller, so be sure and choose a size up when you order if that’s a concern. The boots do not come with the costume.

Plus Size Jedi Knight Women’s Costume

It’s that time of year where the chill is almost in the air and that means Halloween is right around the corner. It’s time to find the perfect Halloween costume. If you’re a plus size woman, there are a ton of different options that you can choose from to look great and have a spooky good time.

You can dress in military costumes, ones that feature a retro look, are based on careers or ones that are based on television or movie characters. The costumes that are based on movie characters are some of the most popular.

However, the costume that’s the most popular this year is the Plus Size Jedi Knight Women’s Costume. The costume is made of 100% synthetic and cannot be washed in the washing machine.

This is a mid thigh tunic that’s done in a linen brown color to signify the color worn in the movie franchise. Throughout the tunic are long brown lines that are designed to make it look as if the tunic has several layers to it.

The front two edges of the tunic are slightly longer than the sides. There is a darker brown strip of color at the V of the tunic that adds to the costume’s layered look. There are long, full angel wing sleeves that lead to wide open ends so you’ll have plenty of arm room.

This feature isn’t as restrictive as some costumes because the sleeve width makes it easier to move around. The looser, flowing fabric of the tunic make it easier for larger busted women to be comfortable.

At the waist of the tunic is a belt done on a background of white material. The belt is dark brown with several designs printed on it. One of the items designed on it is a brown snap pocket pouch.

Dark pants are part of this costume along with boot tops. The boot tops are made of cloth and are dark brown, complementing the pants. The pants and the boot tops are made as one piece.

The lightsaber doesn’t come with the costume but can be bought separately. One of the things that people liked about this piece is that it does glow with the steady blue light just like the one in the movie franchise. You can find this piece with the Luke Skywalker Lightsaber by Rubies.

In addition to the Jedi Knight Plus Size costume you can get the Princess Leia Plus Size Costume. This costume features a long white ankle length dress that’s split up one side to the thigh.

The neck of the dress is a bit of a higher collar and the sleeves are full. A belt with silver buckle decorations comes with the costume and so does the Princess Leia wig in the signature side bun style. The shoes are not included.

Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume

Halloween is almost upon us and before the spooky day of parties and trick or treating arrives, you want to be prepared with the right costume. There are great options that you can look at when you’re looking for plus size costumes.

A lot of these are extremely popular. Some of them are the renaissance costumes such as the ladies in waiting, the princess or the queen costumes that feature long, flowing gowns and intricate details.

But the most popular costume this year has to do with the love for superheroes. The Plus Size Wonder Woman Costume is a hit whether you’re hosting a party, attending one, or taking the kids trick or treating.

This costume is made of 100% polyester and has to be hand washed. It can’t be put into the dryer. Though the costume is a dress, the way that it’s designed make it look like it’s a separate skirt and shirt.

The bottom of the dress is a short, thigh high skirt. The material is a shiny blue color with small white star designs sprinkled throughout the blue. Above the skirt at the waist is a strip of gold fabric as a belt that divides the top from the bottom.

The top is a sleeveless piece that fits at the top of the breast line. It’s a good fit for women who are larger at the top. This part of the costume is a brilliant red color that shimmers when you move.

In the middle of the top is the trademark yellow W with wings that stands for the Wonder Woman logo. A red cape is included as part of this costume and hangs to the back of the waist.

The cape closes at the neck with velcro fasteners. There is a headpiece that’s arched in the middle. This is a gold headpiece that has a red star centered in the middle. White gauntlets are included with the dress purchase.

These stretch from the wrists to the halfway up the forearms. Thigh high boot tops are also part of the costume. These boot tops are done in alternating red and white stripes. The accessories that were linked with the character of Wonder Woman don’t come with this costume.

However, you can buy those separately. There are three items that are most often purchased with the dress. The first item is the DC Comics Wonder Woman Cuffs in gold with red stars.

The second item is the wig that copies Wonder Woman’s signature style. You can find that in the Rubie’s Costume Co Wonder Woman Wig. The third item is the golden rope that Woman Wonder used. You can find a replica of that with the Fun Costumes
Golden Rope.

How to Have Everyone at ‘Hello’: Top 10 Ways to Make Amazing First Impressions

How to Have Everyone at ‘Hello’: Top 10 Ways to Make Amazing First Impressions

“First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes.” ~Elliott Abrams

Simple Ways to Make Everyone Love You

Would you believe me if I told you that the moment you meet a new person, you have about 45 seconds to make a first impression? Sometimes it doesn’t really matter to you – and maybe more often than not. But what about those times you really want to make a good first impression? 

Research tells us there are some basic factors that are consistent with how we as humans process information and form our first impressions. Part of this is evolutionary, even. 

Research from Princeton University on First Impressions

  • We draw trait inferences from the facial appearance of other people. Researchers investigated the minimal conditions under which people make such inferences.
  • In five experiments, each focusing on a specific trait judgment, they manipulated the exposure time of unfamiliar faces. Judgments made after a 100-ms exposure correlated highly with judgments made in the absence of time constraints, suggesting that this exposure time was sufficient for participants to form an impression.
  • In fact, for all judgments—attractiveness, likeability, trustworthiness, competence, and aggressiveness—increased exposure time did not significantly increase the correlations.
  • When exposure time increased from 100 to 500 ms, participants’ judgments became more negative, response times for judgments decreased, and confidence in judgments increased.
  • When exposure time increased from 500 to 1,000 ms, trait judgments and response times did not change significantly (with one exception), but confidence increased for some of the judgments; this result suggests that additional time may simply boost confidence in judgments.
  • However, increased exposure time led to more differentiated person impressions. 


How to use the Science of Making a Great First Impression to Your Advantage

Most of us fall into one of two categories: either people love us from the start, or they require some time to realize how great we are. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give people a great first impression? Once a first impression is formed, it’s challenging to change. This holds true for business, romantic, and social situations. The first impression counts for a lot.

You only have one chance to make a great first impression, so if it matters to you, here’s how you can make it good. 

Top 10 Ways to Blow People Away With Your Amazingness in 45 Seconds or Less

1. Determine the type of impression you want to make. In everyday life, you have many facets to your personality. Sometimes you’re serious, other times you’re silly. There are times you’re romantic. And sometimes you’re all business. The situation will determine the type of impression you wish to make. Meeting with a potential client is different from meeting a blind date.

2. Choose your clothing and accessories accordingly. If you have the opportunity to plan, wear clothing and accessories that support the impression you wish to make. A Hawaiian shirt says something different from a well-tailored suit. Jogging shorts don’t convey the same message as a skirt. I shouldn’t even need to tell you this – but make sure your clothes are clean and fit well. Wear appropriate shoes.

3. Consider other aspects of your appearance. You won’t be seen as someone with a lot of discipline and self-control if you’re overweight. You won’t be viewed as well off if you’re sporting a $7 haircut. Have you shaved recently?

4. Have good eye contact. Eye contact is critical. Too little eye contact conveys nervousness or a lack of respect. Take a deep breath and look them in the eye. Avoid staring. A good number is 75% eye contact. Spend the remaining 25% looking at some other part of their face. It’s okay to look away completely on occasion.

5. Smile. A smile is inviting and soothing. You’ll even make yourself feel better. A smile will make it easier to maintain good eye contact, too.

6. Have a firm handshake. The right amount of pressure is somewhere between bone crushing and the infamous dead fish handshake. Be firm, but remember that it’s not a contest. Ladies can be a little gentler.

7. Listen. We love it when others give us attention and make us feel important. Pay attention when the other person is speaking. Ask relevant questions. Avoid looking around the room as if you’re planning your escape. Be interested.

8. Be interesting. Have an opinion and be willing to share it. Be aware of current events. People find you interesting when you’re interested in them. Giving others your full attention might be the best way seem interesting to them.

9. Make them feel good about themselves. The better someone feels at the end of your conversation, the more they like you. It’s that simple. A sincere compliment never hurts. Be respectful and kind.

10. Use the other person’s name and remember it. Admit it, you enjoy it when someone new uses your name. “Hi, Mary” sounds a lot better that just a simple, “Hi.” Few things make us feel more insignificant than someone forgetting our name. Remembering names is challenging, but so important.

Making a great first impression makes many things easier. It’s easier to make a sale, get your point across, or get a date. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression, so make it a good one. Practice making a good first impression by introducing yourself confidently to everyone you meet. Their reactions will let you know how you’re progressing.

Okay, now it’s your turn! How do you make a great first impression? Have you ever accidentally made a bad one? Share your thoughts and experiences with the QB community in the comments. 

Dirty Dozen: 12 Most Annoying Things Men Do in Relationships

Dirty Dozen: 12 Most Annoying Things Men Do in Relationships

Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed.” ~Albert Einstein

Men, we love you. We really do. But seriously, you’re not the only ones who have a few complaints about the opposite sex. In response to the recent AskMen.com article entitled Top 10: Annoying Things Women Do, I present to you the top 12 most annoying things men do. I tried to stick with 10, but I ended up with this dirty dozen instead. 

I want to hear what you think, too! If you have thoughts on this or items you think should be added, I’d love it. Leave me a comment, below, with your thoughts. I promise to respond personally. 

Now, on with the show!

Top 12 Most Annoying Things Men Do in Relationships (According to Women)

1. Refuse to Commit to Stuff (to Anything, Ever)

Whether you’re on a first date or you’ve been married 25 years, men seem to have issues with commitment. We all know how some guys refuse to commit to even being in a relationship, but even those who do sometimes can’t commit to the most basic things. Example: often times I try to get my husband to commit to a particular activity at a particular time, but he prefers to keep his options open. Like when I ask him to watch an episode of Breaking Bad with me after dinner (yeah, we’re re-watching it because we loved it that much) and he says he’s not sure – maybe he’d rather play a video game. Grr.

2. Have Double Standards (But Pretend They Don’t)

You know what I’m talking about. They will insist on some rule in the relationship or home (don’t date other dudes, don’t eat in the living room, etc.), but they will break it and expect you to be totally fine with that.

Like they expect you to listen to their stories from top to bottom (and to be prepared for a pop quiz at the end), but they can’t offer the same courtesy. Sure, they’ll fake it a little while you’re dating, but once they’ve got you (i.e. you’re married or in a long-term relationship), you’ll see very quickly that they forget how to listen.

It’s not their fault, exactly, it’s kind of how they’re wired. Best practices to be heard, women: say only as much as you have to say and skip specific details unless he asks.

3. Think It’s That Time of the Month (Anytime We Get Emotional)

Okay, here’s the deal. Women, like men, are hormonally charged at different levels throughout the month. And women are, by nature, more emotional than men (in general—but there are plenty of examples of the opposite on both sides).

But to assume that she’s on her period every time a woman gets pissed, upset or otherwise unpleasant is just asking for a beatdown. Proverbially, most of the time, but still. Stop that.

4. Talk to the Boobs (Even When the Face is Listening)

This one is annoying, but it can also be amusing if you want to look at it that way. See, men are biologically programmed to be interested in and to “check out”  woman’s reproductive potential, whether or not they actually intend to act on the findings. Generally, they don’t (especially when they’re happily married) but they still can’t stop themselves from talking to your boobs (which are, obviously, one of the most prominent signs that you are a fertile female). It’s funny, right?

But men, next time you’re talking to a woman, know that we watch your eyes and we expect a little eye contact. Save the globe-gazing for sneak glances when we look away, okay?

5. Fart, Burp, Spit, Etc. (Sometimes in Public)

We know that everybody farts and burps, but we don’t want to smell it or hear it or think about it—and especially not in public.

And, seriously, snot rockets are never okay, buddy, so just stop. Would you like it if we girls walked around all day spitting and blowing various bodily fluids and gasses from all of our orifices?

How would you like it if we crop dusted you at the office? You’d be grossed out too. Stop it, man, just stop it.

6. Adjusting Your Junk (Again, Sometimes in Public)

I don’t know how you guys walk around with all that external genitalia, but I feel for you. Still, that doesn’t give you permission to openly reach in and jangle around your business while we’re in public . I promise they won’t go anywhere.

Speaking of junk, the same goes for scratching it when people are looking. Be discreet, for crap’s sake. Imagine if women walked around digging in their treasure troves. (Okay, stop imagining that – I forgot you guys’ minds spend a lot of time in the gutter!)

7. Selectively Listen (And Only Hear Food, Sex and “Me”)

We might tell you that we need you to take out the trash and walk the dog, but all you heard was “I’m going out for a couple hours so it’s time for you to veg out in front of the PlayStation and play your new hockey game.”

Is this because you don’t want to do it? Because you aren’t interested in what we have to say? Women are definitely more detailed and expressive in their conversations than men, but you can’t listen at all?

A tip for my fellow ladies: men are significantly more likely to listen to anything you have to say if you can associate it with food, sex or anything that is directly related to them and their interests. So next time you need him to get something done, maybe you can throw some zingers in there. Wink wink!

8. Become Huge Babies When They’re Sick (And Sometimes Otherwise)

I don’t know many men who aren’t giant babies when they’re sick. It’s just part of who they are, I think, and maybe it’s most often men whose mommies took extra special care of them when they were sick as kids.

Here’s the deal, boys. We don’t mind taking care of you when you’re sick, but this whole “poor me” whiny baby thing? SOOOO not attractive. Quit it. Just be sweet to us, thank us for all we do for you. And then shut your mouth, close your eyes and take a damn nap while we go do something else. We are busy!

9. Eye-Screw Other People (Even When They Don’t Mean It)

So listen up, men. Women think too much, care too much and often try too hard to be perfect. Maybe that’s part of why we are well-aware that you look at other women. We also know that it’s part of your human maleness and that you can’t help it. But our defensiveness of you and our relationship when it comes to other women is part of our human femaleness—it’s built into our DNA.

Before you get your hopes up and think we’ve evolved too much, know that women aren’t ever going to be totally fine with you ogling or being into other women. But good news: there are some things that you could do to take the sting out of it.

For example, don’t let us see it, and if we catch you, do or say something to make us feel more secure. (Hold our hand, put your arm around us—tell us how much prettier we are. Whatever—just read the room!)

10. Send Dick Pics

Even though most married guys don’t send unsolicited dick pics, some of them do. And plenty of idiot single guys do. As a married woman, I have received a surprising amount of dick pics from near-strangers. And I’m married and nearly 40. I cannot imagine what my single counterparts are going through.

Men—don’t send us a picture of your penis or any other naked body part unless we  ask you to do so. And if you really feel motivated to send one but we haven’t asked? Please ask first. PLEASE.

We aren’t as visually stimulated as you are, and honestly, some women even find penises unattractive. (SOME women.)

11. Sticking Us in Those “Girl” Boxes (Because We’re Pretty, Sexy or Otherwise Appealing to You)

Dude, just because I’m a blonde and I like to dress it up doesn’t mean I am stupid or less than you. I can’t believe I have to keep saying this – it’s 2015 for crap’s sake. But let me remind you one more time: we do not fit into neat little stereotyped boxes. We’re like onions, but less stinky. 

Just because your girlfriend or wife embraces her femininity doesn’t mean she’s not smart. Or, if she’s a mechanic and comes home dirty every day? She can still be sexy and femininine.

Just because a woman is a stay-at-home or work-at-home mom doesn’t mean she sits around and eats bon-bons all day. I’d like to see you try do do what they do all day and still have time to take a leisurely poop. Just kidding. Well, sorta. 

My point? Just stop putting us in those boxes, guys. We are just as multifaceted as you, if not more so. Give us credit where it’s due. 

12. Never Notice Anything (Literally)

It doesn’t matter if we’ve painted our living room or completely changed our hair, if men not in the right frame of mind, they just won’t notice. This is again part of their human maleness, but it still makes us feel crazy.

Ladies, try pointing out the things they need to notice. Yeah, it might be annoying, but at least you’ll get a little validation out of the deal. And men? Don’t forget to notice stuff, okay?

Well, there’s my 12 most annoying things men do. What would you add to the list of most annoying things men do? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page

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Men Vs. Women: What Makes a Woman Hot?

Men Vs. Women: What Makes a Woman Hot?

We love to study the science behind human attraction around here. That’s why we’re always paying attention and asking questions. Today, I’m sharing something that answers the question every woman wants to be answered, but few are afraid to really ask.

And many women have a different idea of what men consider hot. That is why I asked my focus group of about 150 people what they think makes a woman hot. Just as some similarities in perceptions showed through, there were some very marked differences between men and women on what they think makes women hot.

What Men Say Makes a Woman Hot

Christophe: “Everyone has their own list of things that make another person hot (physically attractive), so my answer is that she has my list of things (=hot) plus a sense of humor that complements my own (=super hot!). I’m at a point in my life that if I can’t laugh with you, I can’t fuck you. Fun is where it’s at, and fun in the sack makes the sack even better. The best sex you’ll ever have is when you’re also laughing your ass off.”

Tyler: “What I think makes a woman hot is teasing. A sensual massage with kissing and rubbing by getting close but not touching, just teasing.”

Dennis: “I think it’s the combination of several things. I am not talking about the obvious standard you see in the media. I know this is going to sound sappy but it is honest. For me, it’s the right smile, confidence mixed with a little vulnerability, friendliness, compassion and a light in her eyes. Truly it’s unique to each woman. There has to be beauty. Not looks but beauty. My grandmother always told me that good looking is what you are, but beauty is who you are. I liked that then and it still holds true today. Now I may lose my man card for that answer, but it how I feel.”

Joe H.: The inside story of her. You have to read the book to understand the person. Can’t judge book by its cover.

Joe M.:  “As a sapiosexual oriented person, the answer is obvious.”

JaVon: “A great sense of humor is hot to me, not just listening but telling a good joke.”

What Women Say Makes a Woman Hot

Brittania: “In my opinion, everything can make a woman hot. The way her touch feels and down to the heat of her legs against your own. Just eyeing a woman from a distance can be enough. The curves from her body and the way she moves when she walks.”Rita: It’s personal power expressed through sexuality that is exuded because the person feels sexy.

Carol: “That she accepts and loves herself.”

Ashley: “For me: a woman who is confident, who enjoys life, doesn’t get wrapped up in the small things, can take care of herself, who is independent. A woman who knows what she wants and how she’s going to get it. To me, that is a very hot woman..if she has red hair that’s a plus.”

Items of Note 

When it comes down to it, there’s no single woman that everyone on the planet would find perfectly hot.

That’s good news because we are each unique. And being the only you that exists is one of the most beautiful parts of life.

Still, if you want to be the best possible version of your sexy self, there are some basic things you can do to improve yourself that will make for a better life for you and everyone you love.

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