My Two Cents: What Size Is Your Sexy?

My Two Cents: What Size Is Your Sexy?

What is sexy? These days, it seems like Hollywood and the media want to intimidate us all into being a size 2. So let’s talk about this, shall we?

I’ve got questions. You got answers?

I seriously want to know what people think about this one.

Is a size 2 really sexy? It might be just intimidating enough to keep us all in tent-like clothes, right? 

If a size 2 IS sexy (and I think many will say it is), then does it mean that a size 22 is any less sexy? What do you think?

Do most women think that being a size 2 is the new sexy size? Who really is a size 2, anyway?

And what about men? Do they prefer a size 2 to a “real woman,” seriously? LET ME HEAR IT!what size is your sexy

My Two Cents: It’s not what you have – it’s how ya work it!

If you ask me, being sexy is not what size you are, but what you do with that size you are. Don’t you know that sex sells?

Well sell it baby! Work with what you have. Believe it or not, you can be sexy right now, exactly how you are – in this very moment. 

You really can be sexy at any size – it’s all about your attitude and beliefs about your self. Check out Angela Atkinson’s book – How to Be a Hot Wife – and learn how to step up your sexy game. 

For me, PLUS is the new SEXY.

Just my two cents. 

So tell me, what size is YOUR sexy? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below. Let’s talk. 



Why My Last Relationship Ended: Men Speak Out

Why My Last Relationship Ended: Men Speak Out

“Maybe part of loving is learning to let go.”  ~The Wonder Years

Relationships end for all kinds of reasons–some more logical than others. We did an informal survey of a group of men ages 24 to 50 and asked how their last relationships ended.

Here are a few of their most interesting answers.

Why My Last Relationship Ended: Men Speak Out

“Came home from work to find her gone. No letter, no call, nothing. I had to tell our 16 year son the next morning when he came in from a sleep over. That was 5 days before his 17th birthday. She just up and left to Michigan.” ~Dennis

“I was a dam drunk. I put her through hell and back. I kicked her out. Went and got a fast devorce. Then for awhile I thought what an ass. I turned my self in for recovery. 1 year later when I new I was alot better but still in recovey. Had to find her. Another year later remarried and I’m 3 years sober going on 4 years.” ~Joe

“When I was a freshman in college, I had a crush on a girl… we will call her Karen. We went out a couple times. It never turned into anything romantic, but we became best friends… When I was a junior in college, I started dating a girl… we will call her Tracy. We dated for 9 months… when I was a senior in college, Tracy dumped me and started dating… Karen… the girl I had a crush on my freshman year. Now every time I hear “My Best Friend’s Girlfriend” by The Cars, I cry AND laugh.” ~Kristopher

“I caught my ex in bed with another woman.” ~Josh

Why Relationships End, According to Men

According to, relationships commonly end for a few different reasons; primarily religion, sex, money and kids (or lack thereof).

AskMen suggests the following tips to help keep your relationship healthy.

1- Discuss issues as you go along, as values and wants evolve.
2- Accept the other person for what they are, and don’t expect them to change.
3- Try to understand your woman, rather than argue with her.
4- Keep an informal count to make sure that sacrifices are distributed equally.

eHarmony lists distance as a primary factor in relationships ending, followed closely by “the real self” coming out. It seems that many people are so busy pretending to be something they’re not that when the “real” versions of themselves rear their “ugly” heads, their partners are often shocked and disappointed.

And says the top two reasons relationships end are incompatibility and cheating.

How about you? What do you think is the top reason for relationships to end? Why did your last relationship end? Share your thoughts, feelings and experiences in the comments section, below.


What Guys in Their 20s Want in a Woman (According to Craigslist)

What Guys in Their 20s Want in a Woman (According to Craigslist)

Too $hortWhat do guys in their 20s really want from a woman? And what does any of that have to do with Craigslist?

You might not think of Craigslist as a scientific tool, but it really offers a certain amount of insight into the psychology of the people around us.

For example, ladies, if you’ve ever driven yourself crazy wondering what men really want, you’re not alone—but your answer could be right at your fingertips–  all it might take to find out is a quick check of some Craigslist ads.

Wait, what? Find out what guys in their 20s want…on Craigslist?

So, being the big research geek I am, I just had to know if Craigslist ads could give me a good idea of what men, in general, want. I took a look at a cross-section of men-for-women (M4W) ads on Craigslist in my local area in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Today, we’re looking at guys in their 20s want.

(Stay tuned for follow-up articles in this series to discuss the 30-60 somethings!)

What do guys in their 20s want in a woman?

While none of the men’s answers were identical, there were certain trends that could be noted, both across the board and within each age group, including, of course, our fearless 20-somethings.

Honest, Sincere and Must Love Bondage (Age 23)

A 23-year-old anonymous male posted this ad seeking “…that special woman that will respect and honor me. A woman that is honest, sincere, dedicated, good worker and loves to spend quality time with his man…family values and responsible. A woman that likes to enjoy the beautiful things of life, a woman that is willing to have one man in her life, a person I can trust…”

So far, so good, right?

Bondage collar

The young man goes on to reiterate that he wants a decent-looking, active, fun-loving woman who shold also have a nice body, no criminal history, financial stability and must like to travel.

Finally, he ends his ad with a note on cleanliness, followed by a very…touching proclamation: “You must love SEX because I really do..I’m a very SUBMISSIVE MALE in bed..I LOVE BONDAGE PLAY.”

Yep. Don’t knock each over trying to get to that one, ladies. Moving on…

Lover, Best Friend, No Baggage Please—But I’ll Take a High Schooler (Age 25)

High School Musical

Our 25-year-old Craigslister offers a bit more hope in the male side of our species. He says he likes “a girl I can do everything with. Lover, best friend, most trusted person in life.”

He adds that he’s not looking for “someone who wants to be casual, still focus on their friends all the time,” but that he’d prefer “someone who wants and needs one man to make them happy, and wants to make a man happy.”

But then he adds a little something extra that makes me cringe a little. His age restrictions, specifically, include “someone who is either a high school senior, college student or college grad with a good career.”

That whole “high school senior” part that gives me pause. I mean, seriously?

I realize that 18 and 25 aren’t that far apart, technically. But let’s be honest—there’s a lot of maturing that happens between those ages.

Finally, he adds that he’d really prefer someone “with no baggage like kids, drugs issues, crazy exes etc. Someone who isn’t afraid of scary movies and roller coasters but also isn’t afraid of showing their emotions and professing a faith in some higher power. Someone who likes the man to take the lead, but knows how to take it when its time.”

So, there’s that. Do with it what you will, ladies. And if you’re in high school, please stay away!

Smart, Confident and Perpetually Barefoot (Age 28)

barefeetThank goodness for this 28-year-old, who seems to be a decent guy looking for something real.

He made a very comprehensive list in his ad.

“1. My soul mate is faithful and honest.
2. She is confident in her own skin. Real women are beautiful regardless of her size.
3. She is perpetually barefoot or in flip flops.
4. She loves rocking jammies over getting dolled up. She also prefers an all natural look to wearing a bunch of makeup.
5. She is brash and bold, but in a loving way.
6. She is smart and witty.
7. She loves nature.
8. We share a ton of hobbies.
9. She is looking for her soul mate too.
10. She wants true love and will work hard for it.
11. She is African-American.”  ~Anonymous Craigslister, Age 28

Can’t find too much wrong with that one, can ya?

No Barbies, No Fatties and Don’t Be Too Short (Age 28)

Barbie's BBQ

“I don’t want a Barbie or a stick woman, (but) I don’t want an obese woman either,” says another Craigslister, Age 28.  “There are beautiful big women out there but it’s just not for me.”

He goes on to explain that he prefers Caucasian women, because he’s “never dated interracial and (has) no plans for it.”

“You don’t have to be 6 feet tall, but I don’t want to have to look to far down at you. I don’t mind if you’re divorced, but not looking to pay for your divorce either.”

And,  in case you wondered, he ended the post by noting that “everyone has their own taste and what they like; I won’t be everyone’s ideal mate.” Good insight.

Drug-Free, Childless 1950s Housewife (Age 28)

1950s Modern Kitchen, Electric Range, 1953

So, there are guys like this in every generation. It doesn’t make them bad, per se, it just makes them specific.

The good thing here is that you have the choice–if you don’t think you can fit into this guy’s mold without becoming someone you hate, then you don’t date this guy.

He prefers, according to his Craigslist ad, “a woman that isn’t one of these feminist new age liberal types.”

She should also be thin or athletic, and intelligent–however, she should not have a child or a smoking or drug habit.”

He adds that his ideal woman “just wants to be a man’s princess. The 1950s lifestyle, house wife etc…. that is what I seek.”

So how about you? What qualities do you (or would you like to) see in an ideal woman? What do men in their 20s want in a woman, as far as you see it? Are these guys unusual? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below.

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