DIY Self-Care Kit: What to Put Inside

DIY Self-Care Kit: What to Put Inside

What should you put in your DIY Self-Care Kit? That’s entirely up to you. But here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

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DIY Self-Care Kit: Why We Need One

DIY Self-Care Kit: Why We Need One

Self-care is so much more important than we realize, and that couldn’t be more true for survivors of narcissistic abuse. Today, I’m going to help you build your very own DIY self-care kit. But first, let’s discuss why we need a self-care kit at all. Is self-care REALLY that big of a deal? I say yes. Let’s talk about it.

Self-Care, Confidence and How They’re Connected

Confidence is an inside game. True confidence comes from a sincere acceptance and love for yourself that isn’t influenced by outside forces. From the inside out, you love and appreciate who and what you are as it ever-evolves into something better. Loving yourself in this way creates space for nurturing when you aren’t feeling your best because no one knows better than you what you need.

Even the most confident people have bad days. From physical aches and pains to emotional stress, confidence doesn’t excuse you from life’s little setbacks. Confidence does, however, make taking care of yourself a bit easier. This is where self-care comes in.

Self-care is the art of nurturing and participating in activities that promote wellness, restoration, and balance. Self-care includes, but isn’t limited to, beauty, hygiene, personal interests, artistic outlets, mental health, physical health, and much more. Self-care is recognizing and responding to what your mind and body needs to be its best at any given time.

Confidence comes from knowing yourself and what you want. Confident people are fully aware of what they need to feel refreshed and better about themselves. They also understand the value of self-care and don’t feel guilty about caring for themselves, whether that means taking time alone or spending income on a massage. Their worthiness isn’t tied to the costs for self-care… their health is.

There are different sorts of self-care depending on the need. Let’s take a look!

  • Physical – Physical self-care includes activities such as healthy eating, exercise, and hygienic care. Taking care of yourself may include shopping at a farmer’s market or eating organic. It might look like using high-grade essential oils or buying a titanium bike for your riding hobby. Physically caring for yourself may include monthly spa days or bi-weekly pedicures. Whatever the vehicle for pouring into yourself, it is worth it and it is vital.
  • Emotional – Emotional self-care includes activities that restore your mental and physical health and give you back the clarity that is lost when overwhelm and anxiety creep in. From taking in a movie or date-night with your spouse, emotional self-care is as important as any other form of care.
  • Spiritual – Spiritual self-care is the nurturing of your spirit and soul. Depending on your beliefs or your focus, this may include a religious practice, but it also includes the arts, travel, and expanding your social conscience and awareness.
  • Space – Your space has a HUGE effect on your state of mind, which in turn has a huge effect on your health. It’s all connected! That’s why we must include our space (as in where we live, where we work, where we spend our time) in self-care. Check out this free 30-Day Home Makeover at LMA.

Confidence comes from within and it is from within we are restored. Confident people place a high premium on self-care and make it an integrated part of their lives. Use self-care to feel better about yourself and to model to others the benefits of caring for yourself so you can better care for those who depend on you.

So, what do we put in our DIY self-care kit anyway? Start here. 

12 Self-Care Books Every Survivor Should Read

12 Self-Care Books Every Survivor Should Read

Every survivor of narcissistic abuse goes through a healing process that can be long and painful. Taking care of yourself in the process is one highly effective and incredibly important way to start really changing your life for the better. Here’s a list of 12 self-care books every survivor of narcissistic abuse should read. See how to create a DIY self-care kit and why you should bother.

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