Jan. 2014 Weight Loss Update: 100+ Plus Loss Maintained, Continued

Jan. 2014 Weight Loss Update: 100+ Plus Loss Maintained, Continued

As you may or may not be aware, I lost more than 100 pounds a couple of years ago. When I finally hit the big 1-0-0 in December 2013, I released a video showing my progress. Here it is (be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see the updated video!):

At that time, I got many positive comments from people who had watched and felt inspired by the video. Comments such as one from a user named Nina who said, “You look BEAUTIFUL!!!!! IF You did it I know I can,” made me feel great–like I was inspiring others to get healthier.  Helping others get healthy is an absolutely beautiful thing, something I aspire to do–something that makes me feel good.

Another user said, “Even at your heaviest you are an attractive woman. Now you are unusually good looking. Keep it up. I have just started my journey,” which of course stroked my ego a little.

And Britva613, a fellow Weight Watchers member, said, “What an inspiration!! I also started out a size 24 (well 24-26 by the stretchy labels I wore) I got down to a 16 and am back up to an 18 I just put on the breaks and went back to WW and this video collage is great! Way to go and it looks like you husband lost along with you.”

There were many more really positive comments too, and I’m grateful for them.

And then there were the negative ones. Now, I could publish them or acknowledge them directly, but I won’t, because I don’t want to add fuel to any negativity fires. There was one user who felt so passionately that I had lied about my size and who felt the need to tell me how fat my arms were, rather than to offer support.

While I chose not to respond to the comments, other users jumped in and defended me, which I appreciated. But honestly, I don’t care what some mean-spirited YouTuber thinks. I know what size my jeans are, and guess what? I know my arms are one of my problem areas. Everyone’s body is different, and I know how much better I am than I was before.

So, to the lady who chose to try to bring me down–I feel sorry for you. You’ve obviously got some really difficult issues in your life and maybe it helped you to feel better to try to destroy a random stranger’s self-confidence. But luckily, my confidence doesn’t come from you or anyone else–it’s all about me and what I choose to believe about myself.

And I’m not so unique–everyone gets to decide who they want to be and how they choose to perceive themselves and their lives.

Anyhoo, enough about all of that.

Here’s the big update: I’ve maintained the loss and even dropped a few more pounds. The loss is going slower now of course, but I’m also in a sort of maintenance/loss rotation. I am relatively happy with my size now, actually. I just want to tone up a bit, and maybe lose 30 or 40 more pounds in the long run to reach my ideal weight. But ideal is all in our heads anyway, right? It’s about being happy, healthy and feeling good, for me anyway. 🙂

So here are a few updated photos from 2013 and Jan. 2014.

Jan. 2014 Weight Loss Update: 100+ Plus Loss Maintained, Continued

Jan 2014 Update: 100+ Pounds Weight Loss Maintained by Slidely Slideshow


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Jan. 2014 Weight Loss Update: 100+ Plus Loss Maintained, Continued

Fit Mission: Get a Weight Loss Buddy

Diet & Fitness BuddiesIf you’re trying to lose weight, support from your weight loss buddies can be the key to your success, and luckily, there are several ways to get good support.

First, you could enlist the help of a friend.

Getting together a couple times a week to work out or even just discuss your weight loss goals and accomplishments can be a huge motivator to stick to your program.

You could also make a daily phone date to discuss progress.

Another idea is to join a weight loss support group. There are many of these available in most areas. You could join Weight Watchers and attend weekly meetings for a small fee or just use the online program, or any number of other commercial groups.

Video: how I lost 100 pounds with Weight Watchers.

You could join a group at your church or community center, such as Overeaters Anonymous. This could cost you nothing but time.

I have found that online support works pretty well for me, which is how I met my Fit & Fabulous Girls and ultimately, part of the reason I’ve been able to lose the weight up to this point.

Meet my girls, right here.

I also find support locally with a group of close friends who are on the fitness trail–we call that group Fitness for Life. I’ll share more on that one in the near future.

Don’t forget: you can join the Project Blissful group on Facebook for live support right now.

Do you a weight loss buddy?Have you had one before, and if so, did you find that it helped you stay on track?

If not, will you seek one now? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section, below.

Jan. 2014 Weight Loss Update: 100+ Plus Loss Maintained, Continued

What Would Happen If You Gave Everything to Yourself?

Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes from a dear friend and a long-time weight loss buddy I’ve been connected with for nearly eight years. She’s one of my “Fit and Fabulous” girls. You’ll meet others in the coming days and weeks. This post is one she shared in our private group, and with her permission, I’m sharing it with you. Get ready to get motivated!

By Stacey Celaya

The Lovely Stacey CelayaI met a woman who just went through a rough divorce after 17 years of marriage and decided she wasn’t going to live life afraid to do things anymore. So she signed up for a bikini fitness competition and has spent the last year training for that.

She talked about how she is so focused on her goals that when invited to dinner by friends and family she generally takes her own food because she wants to stick to plan.

And she talked about how she gets a lot of shit for that. (By the way, this woman is the best friend of Jacqueline from Real Housewives of New Jersey – since they were teenagers, which is just a really cool thing.)

Anyway, what was so amazing about that conversation was that I had just become obsessed with a blog from a woman that started at 230 lbs and is now ALSO training for her first fitness competition. And you KNOW I don’t believe in coincidences.

At the same time as all this I had a conversation with my hubby in which I mentioned that I was afraid that he wouldn’t want me at some point if I could never get skinny. (Left over shiz from my first marriage.)

And he literally stopped short and couldn’t understand what being skinny had to do with him wanting me or anything else for that matter.

He actually SAID that.

I was stunned.

How could he not understand that? But apparently I am the one that didn’t understand. WHAT AN EYE OPENING EVENT! How skewed my perception of my worth was!

So I literally couldn’t stop thinking about these ladies or the conversation with my husband – I went to bed thinking about it all and I woke up thinking about it all – for DAYS.

I started thinking about my own life and what I was afraid of. I started thinking about what I really wanted out of my life and this journey that I am on. I started thinking about how much I have struggled this past year with weight loss.

And here is what I realized.

Part of what has been holding me back in the weight loss department was a sort of dare for my husband.

An “I dare you to leave me” or a test maybe. In my warped mind – no matter how wonderful a wife I was, the weight thing would eventually make or break the relationship.

When he was stunned and confused by my linking my weight with his wanting me or valuing me as a wife, that made me realize how ridiculous my thought process was.

Another part was that I bought into the bullshit about being 40 and over.

It’s harder, I am middle aged, I am too old to expect too much from my body. Well BULLSHIT. I realized this about 6 months ago and I called bullshit on myself then – but I don’t think I REALLY believed it was nonsense until now. And trust me – that IS nonsense!

But here are the BIG ones!

I spent the last year working towards average results. I am not average. I have NEVER been average.

Quite frankly, I want to be better than anyone else when I am doing something.

And when I say better than anyone – I mean anyone…random people, strangers, TV folk…ANYONE.

So by working towards average results I was actually working AGAINST my nature.

Plus I spent the year TRYING to lose weight. TRYING leaves the door open for the possibility of failure. So NO WONDER I couldn’t get it together.

And finally here is the MOST amazing realization I had:

I have given my EVERYTHING to being a Mom for the last 21 years of my life and I am good at it. I gave my EVERYTHING to my first husband for 10 years. I have given EVERYTHING to my husband now for the last 13 years and I know I am a great wife. I give EVERYTHING to school everyday and I have rocked a 4.0 or close to for most of my academic career.

So what would happen if I GAVE EVERYTHING to MYSELF and what I want?

I TRULY believe that in a former life I was a fit athlete – that feels familiar to me even though I have never completed achieved that yet.

So what if I GAVE myself the gift of this year. This year to give EVERYTHING to ME?

What can I do with ONE YEAR for me?

So that’s what I have done. I GAVE myself the gift on 2013.

This is MY year. I am not going to try to become fit – I WILL be fit. I am not going to settle for average results. I am going to not only lose weight but I am going to lean out and build muscle. I am going to be my dream girl. And THAT’S IT. There is no other possibility.

And I am going to do it bigger and better than anyone else…because that is who I am and what I have ALWAYS done.

So stay tuned, because you ain’t NEVER seen the like of me or what is going to go down this year. It’s going to be EPIC.

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