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This has been an oddly rough day for me. The kids have been unusually busy, to put it mildly, and my daughter gave me a fat lip with the remote, which she threw at me after I took away an unsafe toy my son had given her. I have to laugh about it, though, because she’s ten months old. I know she didn’t mean to hurt me, but it made the day feel tougher.

At any rate, I found myself pouting, thinking about what a rough day it was. It seemed like everything was going wrong, and the longer the day wore on, the tougher it seemed to get.

Then, I had one of those cool lightbulb moments we all enjoy. I remembered that I only needed to change my perspective to change my day. Change my mind, change my life. So, I started focusing on the happy things, the good things…the things for which I am grateful.

Like, for example, my darling daughter Sophia must be pretty healthy if she can throw a remote hard enough to give her mommy a fat lip. 🙂 And for her health and vigor, I am so grateful. My son Noah, with his level of persistence, is clearly going to be good at whatever he chooses to do in his life. He’s very passionate and determined to get what he wants. And while that can be frustrating for me at times, it’s really a positive quality. I am grateful for that.

I got a call from my son Cameron’s Communication Arts teacher today, who informed me that Cameron had failed to turn in an essay assigned him over the weekend. I knew that he had trouble with the assignment, as it was to write about HIMSELF. He felt uncomfortable sharing his inner feelings with people at school, and even though I told him to do it anyway, he did not. The teacher promised to email me the assignment tonight, and I promised her I’d be sure he did it. I am grateful for teachers who care, and that Cameron has the opportunity to correct his mistake.

And even though I initially felt frustrated with him, I now feel grateful that I’m able to be here with him to help him succeed. If I had to work outside of the home, I may not have the opportunity to do what’s necessary to ensure that he doesn’t make the same mistake twice.

Changing my mind has put me at ease, knowing that I can deal with anything I need to, knowing that things will be okay. Breathing deeply and reminding myself that all good things are coming my way has calmed my heart, even through perceived stresses. Things are looking up, folks.

So, today I challenge you to turn around the next challenging situation you deal with. It will do you a world of good. Change your mind, change your life. Give yourself the GIFT of inner peace!

Learn it, live it, love it!

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4 Responses to Change It Up–Give Yourself the Gift of Inner Peace

  1. Wow…I think everyone could use that advice during a rough day. There’s always a positive in a negative. That’s the magic of it all!

  2. wow that is very true. i know its hard for me to smile when i get a fat lip. we must be having close to the same day. my youngest head butted me, making my nose bleed. my oldest asked the repair man what he did with his arm. (he had half amputated)

  3. Wow this is powerful. I think if we act positively on negative things then I guess there will be a huge difference. At the end of the day why cry over a spilled milk when it has been done? So just accept, change for the better and move on. Nice thoughts and thanks for sharing this blog to us.

  4. Hi Angie!!

    “Change your mind to Change your life” is definitely a motto we live by. It certainly is about perception because there is ALWAYS a Positive for every negative. It’s an incredible power we possess.
    Doing so can take a little practice, but a little practice is still a step in the positive direction. Work on it long enough, it soon becomes a Habit. An Awesome Habit, hard to break!! You’re life truly changes then!!

    Many Blessings….Roxanne and Hugo

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