Welcome, Inner Circle!

First, just let me say THANK YOU for supporting me and my mission to help people discover, understand and overcome narcissistic abuse in toxic relationships!

I’m so happy and grateful to have you in my Inner Circle, and I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you have chosen to support me. I want to show you my gratitude every day, so I created this special page to help you get started and to reference anytime you need.

Here are some ways you can connect with the Inner Circle, along with some stuff I want you to know as a valued member and friend. Again, thank you so much for your support. We are truly in this together! Hugs and Love to You, My Friend! Love, Angie

Private Email List

Special Messages and Info

This is how we can connect directly. I’ll send you special messages and encouragement through email.

Google Hangouts Group Chat

Inner Circle Instant Messaging

This is an optional, PRIVATE instant messenger chat for the members of my Inner Circle Only.

YouTube Community Posts

Members-Only Posts From Angie to You

Only members can see and comment on Members-only community posts.

Inner Circle Members Get Free Stuff

Anytime I have free stuff to give away, you are the first ones I offer it to. This is just one way I say thank you for all of your support. You will also be the first to get my beta tester spots for new products and services I offer. Sound good? Here are some freebies you can start with.


Inner Circle Benefits

Connect From Anywhere

As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, I know how very important it is to be able to connect with people who really get where you’re coming from. So, in addition to the normal ways I connect with the SPANly, my Inner Circle has a few additional options! For example, we can connect through our private YouTube community posts, our email list and our special What’s App connection. Plus, we are launching monthly private live streams for just Inner Circle members (starting up Jan. 2019). These will be done via Zoom and you will have the option to join me on cam, voice or chat – your choice.

Discounts on Coaching

As Inner Circle members, you are entitled to a 10% discount on one-on-one coaching sessions with me. If you choose to take advantage of this, you may email my office manager Melina at [email protected] and tell her you are a member of my Inner Circle. She will help you schedule and make sure you get the discounted price. This is also valid for text sessions, mini sessions and one-question sessions. The discount does not apply to “emergency fees,” which are applied when sessions are scheduled less than 48 hours in advance. Please note: you are not required to use coaching ever – this is just one benefit I’m offering for Inner Circles.

Behind the Scenes

I’ll share “behind the scenes” stuff with you about my work, as often as you’ll listen!

Beta Test Opportunities

Anytime I run a beta test on a new product, you will be among the first to have the opportunity to try it out – for free.

Early Access

Anytime I have the chance to offer “early access” to a video, product or service, you are THE first to know – and you have the opportunity to jump in and get a sneak-peak.

Free Stuff

You are the first to get freebies and giveaways I offer – watch your email and the YouTube community tab for opportunities!

Ask Angie

Want me to make a video answering a specific question?

As a member of my Inner Circle, you get first dibs on what my videos are all about. You may click the “ask a question button” to ask your question, or you can scroll down and fill out the form, below. Please note: once your question is submitted, your video will be produced usually within seven (7) days of submitting, but within 14 days at the longest. This is because I sometimes schedule content up to two weeks in advance.

Request a Video Here

Inner Circle Request Form

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