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Colleen Brosnan is an experienced Human Service Worker and mental health professional who has dedicated her life’s work through volunteering as well as in more formal settings to helping others.

Colleen’s experience in mental health and human services includes a wide variety of compassionate efforts, including, but not limited to the following.

  •  Aiding inmates in the transition from the prison system back into their community
  • Working with and counseling abused and neglected youth in her local community
  • Serving elderly people in a retirement community in a mental health capacity – including those suffering from dementia, homelessness, and community outreach and adults with a cognitive delay and/or learning disabilities.

Colleen’s true calling has been to work with and assist adults suffering from and living with a mental illness or dual diagnosis.

Colleen has worked in many residential settings, as well as a crisis care facility, and has also owned and operated her own Special Care Home. It was here that Colleen was able to provide a safe, family environment for clients. As well, she was also able to facilitate clients with meeting their basic daily living skills and long-term goals in employment, education, and various others, to help them be accepted and feel confident within and by their communities.

Colleen graduated from the Human Services Program at the Canadian National Board of Certified Counselors, and received her Life Coaching Certificate from the Life Makeover Academy, specializing in Narcissistic Abuse and Recovery.

Colleen is no stranger to Narcissistic Personality Disorder, nor the effects of the abuse endured, as she is also a survivor of narcissistic abuse. She understands how debilitating it is to be consumed by toxic relationships.

As an intuitive person, Colleen is truly understanding and empathetic to the emotions of others. She is very understanding, a good listener, and an effective communicator and would love to help others learn about and better acknowledge what they have been through so that healing will be possible. Through coaching, Colleen believes that victims can gain the tools they require to start living their lives the way they were meant to be lived. Happy, full, and free from abuse.

In her free time, Colleen enjoys spending time with her children, family, and friends. She enjoys being outdoors and taking spontaneous adventures. Colleen has a great sense of humor, loves to laugh, and looks to find solutions to best make difficult situations into positive experiences.

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