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A Note from Angie

You have no idea how much I wish I could talk to every single person individually. 

But since I get hundreds of requests each week for help by messenger, email and your social media comments, it’s just not possible.

I can’t always respond to everyone personally – but I do try my best.

Now, obviously, not everyone can afford private narcissistic abuse recovery coaching. And I get that – which is why I offer all of the free resources you need to recover from narcissistic abuse on your own

Still, being who I am, I still want to try to help, even though I can’t always personally respond to each request that comes my way. 

Q. Can I email you my questions and expect to receive an answer?

A. If I’m being honest, I get hundreds of emails every day. There is just no way I can possibly answer all of the questions that come my way, especially when sometimes people send me lengthy stories that I need to read to understand what they are going through. I DO try to answer as many emails and messages as I can, but it’s really hard for me, and I don’t currently have anyone who can help me with certain types of questions. This leads me to three suggestions for you:
  • First, if you keep your question to one paragraph or less (say, no more than 350 words), I am far more likely to catch and respond to your question.
  • Second, if your question is about something like an appointment, a group, a class/course or where to find something, you can always email my office manager Melina, at [email protected]. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll know where to find it.
  • One last tip: use your search bar in Google and/or YouTube and type your question along with my name (for example, you might type something like, “Angie Atkinson what is gaslighting?” to be directed to both my YouTube videos and/or my QueenBeeing blog posts on this topic. I have done a LOT of work in this field and a lot of people are surprised that this simple tip will often get them the answers they have been seeking. (It could save you time, anyway!)

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Seriously. You may be surprised at how specifically your question might already be addressed – whether it’s personal or service-related. 

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Since I do get so busy, we’ve brought some new coaches on board to help out! Meet Lise, Colleen and Misty

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