Ways to Talk to Angie

People often ask me “How can I talk to you about my problem?” This page will help you find the right way to connect with me! Please note: I wish I could personally talk with every single person who needs me, but unfortunately I’m only one person and there are only so many hours in the day. Still, I try to do my best to make myself as available as I can to our amazing community, so here are some ways we can connect. 



Free Coaching & Support Tribe for Narcissistic Relationship Recovery: Live on YouTube Tuesdays.

Live support for narcissistic abuse survivors – Tuesday afternoons. Subscribe to this channel and hit the bell notification to be notified when I’m going live, and/or text ANGIELIVE to 33222 to be texted approximately 5 minutes before each session.

Question? Story to Share? Ask it live! Or, fill out this form to get your story featured in an upcoming episode.

About the Live Stream Sessions

⚠️ What I’m doing in the stream:
During my streams, I discuss narcissism, narcissistic personality disorder, narcissistic abuse recovery and healing and more, plus, I answer your questions live. This is where the SPANily connects live each weekday morning for information, support and a community of empaths and survivors.

⚠️ How it works:
I do this for free in order to reach and help as many survivors as possible. I take questions in the order received. However, if someone gives a “super chat” they move to the front of the queue. Please keep in mind that because of the number of people who pass through the stream, it isn’t possible for me to see and respond to every question (as much as I wish I could). Please don’t think I’m ignoring you – I promise that is never my intention. Still, much of the advice applies to every survivor, so there’s still some value for everyone.

To Get One-on-One, Personal Attention

Schedule a coaching appointment with me at http://narcissisticabuserecovery.online

Group Support

Get group support for narcissistic abuse recovery at free and lower-cost price points, provided by Angie Atkinson and her team.

New Ways to Connect

New! 6-Week Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching Program – A one-on-one, discounted and customized narcissistic abuse recovery coaching program just for you. Learn more or sign up here.

New! Coaching via App – A heavily discounted way to connect with Angie daily via an app on your smartphone. Learn more or sign up here. 

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