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So, today I’ve decided to express my gratitude for the blogging platform that so many of us use. Here are ten reasons I LOVE to blog!

1. I can gratuitously publish pictures of myself, my children, or anything else I choose to–even if it’s a blurry cell phone picture. And, I can somehow justify it with the text I write. (BTW, these are the backs of my beautiful babies all three playing the piano together.)

2. Speaking of gratuitous, I can write whatever I want in a blog. No editors to please. I can overuse phrases if I want, use the words y’all and wanna, and I can even say LOL or 🙂 if I want. LOL! 🙂

3. I love to help people, so when someone comments or sends me an email saying that my post has helped them in some way, it makes my day!

4. It’s like free therapy. Seriously, sometimes blogging it out is all it takes to get a fresh perspective on a situation. (And y’all KNOW I love me some fresh perspective!)

5. I can showcase my fabulous personality. Yep, that’s right, I said it. LOL.

6. I’ve met some really cool people in the blog world. And some interesting ones. Sometimes, cool and interesting…and a few who have disturbed me beyond my wildest dreams. Haha.

7. You’d think that as a writer, the last thing I would do for relaxation is to…I dunno…write. But alas, folks, writing is like a drug for me. I love it, I hate it, I need it. So…blogging is sorta like my recreational drug. It’s fun, easy, and helps to take my mind off the serious stuff. 🙂

8. A blog is like a sandbox–you can play around with words until something comes of it. Or not. Or maybe it’s like a box of chocolates–you never know what you’re gonna get. Or both. I think both.

9. It’s a good place for announcements that matter to me but maybe not to the rest of the world. (Example, when I announced my ever-so-successful personal website launch. Yes, I know, you haven’t stopped clicking since I told you. LOL.)

10. People give my blog awards. Where else in the world do I get awards? (And no, I don’t count the third poopy diaper of the day as an award, contrary to Sophie’s insistence that it is.)

But seriously, above all, let me just say that I am grateful to have discovered blogging, lo those many years ago. And, my friends, I’m grateful for all of you.

So today’s challenge is simple. Look around and pick something you see/do/look at every day and decide what makes you grateful to have it in your life.

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11 Responses to Counting My Blessings…Ten Things I Love About Blogging

  1. Hi Angie!!

    Blogging and writing in general are good for the soul!! I must agree with you, it’s quite therapeutic. And knowing our writings have inspired or touched a reader in a way, certainly makes blogging so enjoyable and brings plenty of sunshine and smiles to our day.
    We’ve met many wonderful people in the blogging community, too! Including, the FABULOUS you!! Actually, we were CM friends first but I think our friendship blossomed through following eachothers blogs. I’m so grateful for our friendship and am so grateful for blogging, too!

    Have a fantastic week!!

    Many Blessings….
    Roxanne ~ Believe Achieve

    P.S. You’ve just been tagged!! Be sure to stop by when you can. XO

  2. Oh Angie, I love to blog too. It is therapeutic for me. I’ve journaled for years but blogging gives me a way to connect with others. And yes, it’s like a sandbox.

    You’ve got a fabulous way of communicating and I’m enjoying getting to know you. On your last post, you particularly helped me. You wrote about balance and although I know this, I needed someone to say this at that moment. So, thank you Angie!

  3. Whoever reads my blog knows the main thing I’m grateful for are the two women in my life.

    I must say though, that although I have now lived on the ocean for over a decade I still take time to marvel at the fact that I live in the south now, with pelicans flying around, dolphins jumping in the water, palmetto trees lining the roads.

  4. I’m so with you on the therapy thing, writing has always been that for me but the ammount of control you have on a blog is so refreshing isn’t it?

  5. That’s a great list!

  6. Nice to read your expressions of reasons/joys, Angie…
    I think many in the community feel the same!

  7. I’ll agree that I use blogging for therapy at times. I like that I can also write whatever, and I don’t need approval when I’m finished. I’m so happy that I found you Angie. I always feel so good after I read your blog!

  8. Angie,

    Great list! I’ve only been at this since August, but I’m having a blast. I’m so glad I finally took the blogging plunge. 🙂


  9. I think blogging is so soothing for writers because there’s no rules or boundaries unless you create them for yourself.

    Meeting other bloggers is one of the coolest things ever too. We live in interesting times, that’s for sure.

  10. I just started blogging last week and already I’m addicted. I’m finding my creative side and get to check out so many other blogs too.

  11. Angie,

    If it were not blogging, how would we have been able to relate to each other sitting so far away ever! It’s a nourisher par extraordinary!

    BTW, was here to announce that you have been tagged in this post: []. I’m sure you’d want to find out. make sure you spread it though!

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