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A radiant spirit shatters insecurities.

I take part in activities that keep my spirit alive and make me feel good about myself. I focus on maintaining positive energy. As a result, it is easy for me to let go of my insecurities.

I surround myself with those who are nurturing and supportive. My friends and family members often tell me good things about me. Outside perspectives reassure me that I am radiating goodness. Such positive energy coming from my loved ones helps me to develop confidence.

I spend a lot of time helping others, which leaves little time to think about trivial matters. There is true fulfillment from being a beacon of light for someone in need.

Sharing my time and money brings me true joy. My spirit is renewed each time I am able to lend a helping hand. Taking part in charity gives me a passion for life that outweighs any self-doubt I have.

I use examples of true happiness around me to build up my own happiness. When I see examples of unconditional self-love, I am inspired to treat myself kindly.

Each day is an opportunity for me to love myself. I use the joy that resonates within me to bring about a positive self-image.

Today, my insecurities are a thing of the past. My radiant spirit allows me to do away with doubt. I love the person I am because I know that beauty emanates from deep within my soul.

Ask Yourself: Time for Self-Reflection

1. How difficult is it for me to feel confident when others express doubt in my abilities?
2. What activities can I participate in that can elevate my mood?
3. How do I differentiate between insecurities and opportunities for self-improvement?

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One Response to Daily Affirmation Meditation: Radiant Spirit to Overcome Insecurities

  1. Love these and I will be writing them down in my journal, but you mistyped ‘Meditation’ and wrote ‘Mediation’ instead in the beginning of the video! Just a head’s up for ya! Thanks for all you do, Angie!

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