Daily Dazzle Drill #7: The Hot Wife Uniform

So far, our D3s include the following:

  • Getting Dolled Up each morning.
  • Keeping our thoughts clean.
  • Reading your Hot Wife emails.
  • Looking at our little daily reminders we’ve posted around the house and/or office.
  • Noticing the negative voices in your head and CHANGING YOUR MIND. (Guess what? This is really the biggest and most important part of becoming a HOT WIFE! It’s all about your perspective. It really can change your whole world!)
  • The GIFT of SASSing our Smoulders :Take two minutes to do it each day!

Today’s new habit is to put your “hot wife uniform” for tomorrow before you go to bed tonight. This will make your morning so much easier! If you’re a mom, ask your kids to lay out their outfits for tomorrow, too.

Not sure what your uniform is? Check out what you need to wear. Your “uniform” is described in your Getting Dolled Up D3.

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