Daily Dazzle Drills #5: Quieting the Negative Voices in Your Head

How to Be a Hot Wife Daily Habits: Day 5

So far, our D3s include the following:

  • Getting Dolled Up each morning.
  • Keeping our thoughts clean.
  • Reading your Hot Wife emails.
  • Looking at our little daily reminders we’ve posted around the house and/or office.

Today, let’s take a listen to the voices in your head. Are they nagging at you? Complaining, trying to cut you down or otherwise being negative?

Maybe you’re feeling “not good enough” or you’re feeling like you don’t deserve to have a hot, happy marriage and a beautiful, comfortable home? Here’s a little exercise for you today.

Grab a notebook or open up a Word Doc (or blog post!). Write down all of the negative voices you hear—every negative thing your head tells you. And now, go back and change all of those negative and harmful thoughts to positive ones. Know that you deserve to be happy. How does that feel?

Here’s some good reading material for you today!


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