Daily Dazzle Drills #8: Starting Your Personal Passion Plan

I hope you’re proud of yourself, because today marks your one week anniversary as a hot wife! I know that I’m proud of you for making it this far! Now, before we get started on today’s new project, let’s review what we’ve done so far–and let’s break it down into morning and evening D3 routines. We are well on our way to creating those automatic habits that will help us to become HOT WIVES!

Today, we’ll add one habit to your morning routine and one to your evening routine, each designed to help you be a little hotter, a little faster. Your new habit is in RED in each list!

Hot Wife Morning Wake Up Routine

  • Make your bed as soon as you get up, before you leave the room. (It only takes one moment!)
  • Get Dolled Up each morning.
  • Reading your Hot Wife emails.
  • Looking at our little daily reminders we’ve posted around the house and/or office.
  • Noticing the negative voices in your head and CHANGING YOUR MIND. (Guess what? This is really the biggest and most important part of becoming a HOT WIFE! It’s all about your perspective. It really can change your whole world!)
  • The GIFT of SASSing our Smouldering Spots:Take two minutes to do it each day!

Hot Wife Bedtime Routine

  • Lay out your “hot wife uniform” each night before you go to bed. Do the same for your kids, if you’re a mom!
  • Bedtime Beauty: Wash your face, brush your teeth and put on moisturizer.
  • GIFT of SASS (Two minutes to clean up one Smouldering Spot)

Next Up: Keep On Keeping On!

See how much easier it’s getting? We’re developing habits! It feels good, right?

Today, you’re going to start putting together your Personal Passion Plan.

You will need:

Either a 3-ring binder OR an app such as Evernote or Asana for your phone/computer/favorite device (all free!).

Today, I want you to:

1. Open a new note or page. Title it “Red Hot Morning Routines.”

2. Open a separate note or page. Title it “Red Hot Bedtime Routines.”

3. Write or type your routines as appropriate on each page. If you’re using a physical notebook, be sure to write in pencil–this is a FLEXIBLE plan! It is subject to change as your life does!



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