Daily Dazzle Drills

Your Daily Dazzle Drills part of your first 30 days in the How to Be a Hot Wife program. The D3s are just mini-routine reminders sent to you throughout each day when you opt-in to the D3 list. Part of being a hot wife is being able to Dazzle the men we love. Part of being able to Dazzle is having your proverbial ducks in a row, both personally and otherwise.

Once you’re through the first 30 days of D3s, you’ll be well on your way to creating daily habits that will improve the quality of your life, in nearly every aspect. Just give it a try, and don’t give up!

Daily Dazzle Drill #1: Get Dolled Up

Daily Dazzle Drill #2: Clean Up Your Thoughts!

Daily Dazzle Drill #3: Rinse & Repeat

Daily Dazzle Drill #4: Stick It to the Wall

Daily Dazzle Drill #5: Quieting the Negative Voices in Your Head

Daily Dazzle Drill #6: The GIFT of SASSing Your Smoulders

Daily Dazzle Drill #7: The Hot Wife Uniform (New Bedtime Habit!)

Daily Dazzle Drill #8: Starting Your Personal Passion Plan




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