Daily Dazzle Drill #2: Clean Up Your Thoughts!

It’s Day Two of Your All-New Life

Hello there, my little bee! Today, I need you to wake up with a smile and get all Dolled Up as soon as you wake up. Don’t forget—that means hair, makeup, accessories and clean, well-fitting clothes.

Today, we’re focusing on your mindset. Our new habit is to CHANGE OUR MINDS when we have a negative thought! Why? Because it works. Because our perception really does shape our lives!

Remember, gorgeous, if you really want to change yourself, you really need to REMIND yourself what this is all about. For me, affirmations and even inspirational notes and photos helped me to get there.

Something that worked for me in the beginning, before I actually “got it,” the drive to become the best possible version of myself, was to do a lot of reading and to reprogram my thoughts.

One good way to do this is to actively monitor your thoughts and if you think/feel/notice anything negative, simply CHANGE your mind. You can do this by simply having a standard affirmation that is short enough to remember, but long enough o distract you from your negative thoughts.

I use this one:

“I now cancel that thought and reaffirm my true divine desire of (insert positive thought here).”

It works. Try it today, the next time you think something negative! And read something inspirational.

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