Diane Hawkes

Diane Hawkes is not only a survivor but a warrior of over 40 years of narcissistic abuse. Her past was spent pleasing others and living in the box of expectations, which led to constant situations of abuse and neglect of self.

As she travels the great unknown called Life, she is learning more and more of her true self, and what makes her happy. Narc free for a little over two years, she is finally discovering the many gifts she has to offer and explores all whims and notions that cross her path.

A mother of 4 grown children, which she is proud of each one, and a parent to two pooches, Olive and Kali; which have become her close companions in this part of her journey. With a penchant for learning, she has various diplomas and certifications in many areas of scholar; her current, being, The Arts of Spiritual Healing.

Her passions; writing and experiencing people’s lives with an open and loving heart.”

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