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A new book offers a bit of unique advice for those who are in doomed marriages with narcissists and considering divorce.

While narcissists tend to cause serious emotional damage, confusion and general unhappiness in the lives of their victims,one divorce coach and founder of The Inspired Divorce says that getting through a divorce with a narcissist is all about logic–not emotion. 

That’s because, according to her research, narcissists who don’t get their way are quick to jump into a victim/martyr role in order to gain sympathy from those around them. They need to find a new source of narcissistic supply.

“After interviewing experts on this subject, one thing is clear: If you are divorcing a narcissist, you need to be prepared that your spouse will put on the greatest show of their lives — divorce is the ultimate opportunity to showcase their role as the victim/martyr,” writes the author. “At last, they get to prove to the world why you are a horrible, unworthy person and/or parent. The worst thing you can do, states divorce attorney Robert Farzad*, is to react emotionally to any of it.”

Learn more about the book and read the full article at the link below. 

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