PUSH THE RESTART BUTTON ON YOUR LIFE: DIY 7-Day Pre-Holiday Body, Mind and Soul Reboot

You know how sometimes your phone or laptop gets all laggy and draggy? And then it takes like 17 times as long for the dang thing to function. And you feel like throwing it across the room, but you don’t usually because you aren’t totally careless with money.

After this goes on for a minute or two, what do you do?

Probably, you restart the phone or computer and assuming all else is well, the thing inexplicably starts working right again.

This is usually because by rebooting, it has cleared out all the files and junk that was “clogging it up,” so to speak.

I propose that this concept can be applied to ourselves as humans. When life begins to make us feel overwhelmed, the tough times can feel like they’re going in slow motion.

We feel sluggish or even paralyzed. Our bodies stop working right and our minds start feeling fuzzy.

But when we can clear out the excess junk that’s clogging us up, we can start feeling better. We can breathe deeper. Colors seem brighter; the world, a little kinder.

When we feel better, we look better. And when we look better, we are perceived better. And when we are perceived better,  we perceive ourselves and the world around us better.

And what happens then?

One day we take a look around and recognize the lives we’ve always wanted is right here, right now.

So how do you make all of your dreams come true? You change the way you feel. You change the kind of energy you’re putting out there into the world.

Call it the law if attraction. Call it karma. Call it the golden rule. The rule of three. Call it what you will – but know this: both science and religion agree that the energy you create and deeds you do, combined with your intention and perceptions, will create your reality.

If you’re flowing in rhythm with yourself and your world, all is well. But if there are things that aren’t working for you, things in your life you’d just like to change, then maybe you’re not flowing in tune with your true self.7 Day DIY Body Mind Soul Reboot

Maybe it’s time for you to hit that reset button and clear out the old, just in time to bring in the new!

Just like the computer, we can reset ourselves and start fresh. When our energy is mucked up by the clutter and garbage we pick up along the way, we feel cloudy and scattered, sluggish and stalled. We don’t feel as alive as we are.

By clearing it all out, we can become the truly gloriously creative creatures we are.

Are you ready to push the reset button on your life? Don’t wait any longer – join the free 7-Day Pre-Holiday Life Reboot, right now. It’ll just take a moment to change your whole life. Can’t beat that!

What are you waiting for? Press that button, right now. 


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