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#DIY: Ice Cream Dough – Fun For Kids And Pranks!

Ice Cream Dough

Ice Cream Dough

My daughter loves to go around pulling pranks on the family. She was looking for a funny but simple prank that she could use to trick her older brother when we can across this pin on Pinterest.

You can use this dough as a science experiment at home in the kitchen, for an afternoon craft on a rainy day, or make this at your next girl scout or cub scout meeting. Use any food colors to make the “flavor” ice cream you are looking for.

The original pin said it even smelled like ice cream but my kids and I found out that it mostly smells like whatever type of conditioner you use. Either way we hope you enjoy this recipe and make sure to send us pictures of the ice cream you made!

Original Pinterest Pin:











YouTube video showing you how to make your own.

Items Needed:
~ 1-1/2 Cup Corn Starch
~ 3/4 Cup Conditioner
~ Food Coloring

Items Needed

Items Needed


1. Mix the corn starch and conditioner together in a big bowl.

Combine Ingredients

Combine Ingredients

2. After fully mixed separate a “scoop” of the dough and place in a smaller bowl adding food coloring.

Add Food Coloring For Different "Flavors"

Add Food Coloring For Different “Flavors”

3. Repeat step 2 for different colors of dough, or if making the dough all one color you can add the food coloring in at step 1.

Ice Cream Dough

Ice Cream Dough

4. Take your “ice cream scoops” and place into a bowl or even better on top of an ice cream cone. Enjoy!
5. Do not eat this for real!!!


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