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#DIY: Milk Jug Watering Can

I am always looking for thrifty ways to garden outside. I Watering Canneeded a watering can that would give me just a drizzle for my new sprouts that were coming up. After searching Pinterest I found a pin that I thought would work.

Original Pinterest Pin

Image From Pinterest








YouTube video with directions on how to assemble your milk jug watering can.

Items Needed:
Milk Jug
Ice Pick

1. Wash out your milk jug.Watering Can
2. Place the cap on a piece of concrete and use the ice pick and hammer to make holes.
3. Fill your milk jug with water and replace the cap firmly.
4. You are now ready to water your plants.

This was a totally successful Pinterest find! You can make a few holes or a lot, make them big or small. Personalize the milk jug with markers, sharpies, paint, use just about anything that you can think of.

How did you decorate your watering can? Send me pictures so I can try it out too!


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