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#DIY: MINECRAFT Shirt – Free Printable – How To

After searching endlessly on Pinterest for a cool idea to create a video with I came across a pin that involved bleach and a spray bottle. Then my light bulb went off and I was on my way to the closet to find a dark colored shirt. Watch as I create an awesome Minecraft shirt.

Original Pinterest Pin:










YouTube video showing you how to make yours.

Items Needed:
Dark Colored Shirt
Old Rag
Minecraft Printable
Spray Bottle
Fabric Paint
Paint Brush

1. Place the old rag between the layers of your shirt.
2. Cut out the Minecraft printable and lay it on the shirt.
3. Use the spray bottle filled with bleach to spray around the printable.
4. After that dries take fabric paint and create your Minecraft face.

Free Minecraft Printable – Simple save the photo to your desktop and print.


How did your shirts turn out? I would love to see photos of them.



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