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#DIY: Paint Your Shoes For Summer

With everyone getting ready for summer this is the perfect time to spruce up your wardrobe.

With these simple, easy, and cost effective tips you can make a pair of ordinary shoes extraordinary.

Original Pin







YouTube video explaining how to complete the process.

Items Needed:
Paper Towels
Painters Tape
Acrylic Paint

1. Cut your painters tape into strips and start applying them around your shoe however you want.
2. Choose what colors you want and start painting your shoe inside the taped off areas.
3. After your paint dries remove the painters tape and touch up and spots with the paint.
4. Coat your shoe with a water resistant fabric spray to protect your paint.


Cost of the shoes was only $5 and the paint was .69. This is a totally successful pin! Your children will love being able to decorate their own shoes. Go try this at home!


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