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#DIY: Shutter Coat Rack

Grandma Pinterest requested that I remake this old shutter she found at a garage sale. I decided to turn it into a coat rack that she can hang in her house and use year after year.

Original Pinterest Pin:










YouTube video with instructions on how to make your own.

Items Needed:
Paper Towel
Letter Stickers

1. Sand the edges of your shutter giving it a distressed look.
2. After deciding where you want your hooks use the screwdriver to attach them.
3. Put a small amount of paint on your paper towel and rub it into the wood.
4. Use the stickers to write whatever you want.
5. Using the paper towel and paint again go over the letters wiping away most of the paint.

This would be super cute as a gift with someone’s first or last name on it. I cannot wait until Grandma Pinterest gets to see her new coat rack.



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