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#DIY: Sour Patch Kid Grapes – Healthier Alternative To Candy

Sour Patch Kid Grapes

Sour Patch Kid Grapes

I am always looking for ways to eat healthier for myself and my family. One of the favorite candies around our house is Sour Patch Kids. My children love these young and old alike. So I took to Pinterest to see if I could find a healthier alternative that actually works.

Original Pinterest Pin







YouTube video showing you how to make your own.

Items Needed

Items Needed

Items Needed:
Jell-o (any flavor)
Paper Plate

1) Get your grapes wet.
2) Pour some of the Jello-o mix onto the paper plate.
3) Roll the grapes in the Jell-o mix.
4) I like to put mine in the freezer before serving them, they taste exactly like candy this way.
5) Enjoy!



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