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#DIY: Star T-Shirt Using An Eraser – Fun For 4th Of July

Make a splash this 4th of July by creating your own t-shirt.

Original Pinterest Pin:










Our shirt we made:


Melina The Pinterest Queen

Melina The Pinterest Queen






YouTube video with instructions on how to make your own t-shirt.

Items Needed:
Paint – Fabric or Add Fabric Medium
Unused Pencil
Paper Plate
Empty Cereal Box

1. Put the cardboard between your shirt.
2. Cut a star out of the empty cereal box using the scissors.
3. Place the star on your shirt.
4. Put some red, white, and blue paint on your paper plate.
5. Dip the end of your pencil into the paint and put dots all over your shirt around the star.
5. Continue for the red and white paint – add dots all over the shirt.
6. Let the paint dry.
7. Remove the Star.



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