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DIY Pinterest With Melina The Pinterest Queen

Welcome to DIY Pinterest with Melina The Pinterest Queen. Here you will discover the world of Pinterest and either watch pins fail or succeed.

I am always browsing Pinterest for new and creative ideas. The things that people come up with and post are fantastic and I want to recreate tons of things I see every day. It has really becoming a hobby for me and my family.

I am a wife and mother to four beautiful children. Each person in my house loves to find and create things from Pinterest. We have Pinterest boards and Pinterest accounts to share ideas with each other.

My husband loves to surf my Pinterest account for garden pins and outdoor things. My daughters like the arts and crafts along with hair and nails. My son loves to look at how to draw anime and searches for car ideas. Me, I like to find family activities, flower arrangements, clothing ideas, recipes, and exercise tips just to name a few.

Between all of us we have searched and tried countless ideas and creations from Pinterest. Some have failed and some have succeeded. However, we always had a great time doing them.

My youngest daughter decided we should post our Pinterest creations on YouTube because (and I quote) “everyone will want to know if that pin works or not mom. No one wants to waste their time and money on something that turns out horrible.” So, here I am in front of you now. Every Pinterest idea my family and I want to try we will video tape and post to YouTube for you to watch.

Want to know if your favorite pin works? Let’s find out together. Send me a message and I will try the pin. Every video along with directions and where the pin originally came from can also be found on my blog.

Let’s get pinning! There is an entire Pinterest world waiting for us to discover it.

Welcome to the world and family of Melina The Pinterest Queen.

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