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#DIY:4th of July Fireworks Using A Straw – Simple And Easy Craft For Kids

Get extra creative this 4th of July and make some really neat firework decorations using straws. This is easy for kids of all ages and great for an Independence Day party idea.

Original Pinterest pin:












YouTube video with instructions on how to make your own fireworks.

Items Needed:
Bendy Straws
Paper Plate

1. Tape your bendy straws together, all the “bendy parts at one end.
2. Bend the straws outwards to create a fan effect.
3. Add red, white, and blue paint to your paper plate.
4. Dip your straws into the paint and then use as a stamp on the paper.

My kids loved this! I love the decorations around the house that my kids made. We would love to see the fireworks yours kids made with straws!



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