Does Your Typical Day Make Your Life Better or Worse?

Written by Angela Atkinson

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ~Dalai Lama

happy1I have learned over the years that if I want to have the best possible life and to be the best possible version of myself, I need to turn my thoughts and actions toward those ends more often than not. 

I mean that more often than not, I need to be moving toward my goals at all times – but if I fall off track briefly, it doesn’t significantly affect my progress – not as long as I get back on board right away. 

In fact, that’s a lot of how I lost 100 pounds – I just stopped beating myself up, and if I fell off the proverbial wagon for any serious amount of time, I’d just jump right back on and not miss a beat. 

So, if you’ve got a big weight loss goal or a giant career move ahead of you, what can you do to ensure your success? It’s simple: Just stay on track MOST of the time – more time than you’re not. 

Will this work for you? Well, ask yourself: does your average day and the way you live, think and feel all day look like the day of someone who has the goals you do? 

You’re not sure? No worries. Let’s figure this out, shall we? 

What is Constant?

Not much, at first glance, but tiny, constant changes are happening all of the time. This is true even while driving in a seemingly straight line down the highway. You’re constantly making course corrections to avoid crossing over the lines in your car.

Imagine if you were to just close your eyes and hold the wheel straight. You wouldn’t get far, would you? 

Baby Steps for Big Results

The quality of your life is no different. Small corrections, applied consistently, can take your life in a vastly different direction.

I like to call those small, consistently applied corrections “baby steps.”

  • Are you choosing the direction of your life? Or are you living your life by default and simply taking whatever life throws your way?
  • If you lived yesterday over and over for the next 10 years, where would you land?
  • If you ate the same way for the next 10 years, what would your body look like? Would your health be better or worse?
  • Did you exercise yesterday? Where will you be in 10 years if you don’t change?
  • Your social activities? Should you expect positive or negative changes in your social life?
  • What about your performance at work?
  • Are you taking steps each day toward reaching your goals?

What is the logical conclusion of living your average day repeatedly? Does that outcome appeal to you? Or are you filled with a sense of dread? If you’re stuck, your average day is holding you back, and it’s time for you to make some changes. 

Need a little help getting started or to take your weight loss to the next level?

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How to Make Your Average Day Lead to Your Biggest Goals

The things you do, or fail to do, each day determine your destiny. It’s logical to believe that big changes in your behavior will lead to big changes in your life. However, how many people do you know that have successfully made and maintained a significant change?

Losing weight is simple, but not many people are able to lose weight reliably. Making 400 cold calls per day will make you rich, but how many people have the stomach to do it? Small changes in behavior can lead to huge changes in your results. Patience is the key.

Consider what you could accomplish by creating a productive day and sticking with it.

Design a productive day and create your future:

1. Find a diet that you can follow long term. Eating nutritious foods will help your body to reach a healthy weight. It isn’t necessary to follow a crazy diet to reach your weight goals. People with spectacular bodies have an effective diet and are patient. Are you impatient? How much have your body and health changed in the last couple of years?

2. Exercise. A little bit of exercise can go a long way if performed religiously. There’s no reason to train as if you’re fighting in the next Rocky installment. Gently pushing yourself a tiny bit more each week is more than enough.

3. Communicate with those that matter. Relationships crumble a little at time. Talk to the important people each day and have a meaningful chat. Even a short text message can be better than nothing.

4. Develop habits that will enhance your employment. Make a list of the things you could do each day at work to ensure your success long-term. It might involve speaking each day with the employees that report to you. Maybe you need to ensure your work is done on time consistently.

5. Remember your goals. If you’ve always wanted to learn to speak French, set aside 15 minutes each day and get started.

Address all aspects of your life. Create a day that will ensure a positive, happy, and rewarding future if you repeat it over the long haul. What could be simpler? If your life is less-than satisfying, and you’re not seeing progress, take a look at your average day. Create a day that guarantees success.

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