Dr. Zamecia McCorvey, Ph.D.

QueenBeeing.com Child and Parenting Psychology Advisor

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Dr. Zamecia McCorvey, Ph.D., is QueenBeeing.com’s expert in child and parenting psychology. In this role, she advises on common questions that arise in and around co-parenting with a narcissist and helping families transition out of toxic relationships.  In addition to being a survivor herself, Dr. McCorvey’s extensive background in both research and practice has equipped her to understand the intricacies of family dynamics from the perspective of children and adolescents. She is an advocate for children who find themselves in difficult situations and works to bring the voices of vulnerable children to the attention of adults who can make a difference for them.

About Dr. Zamecia McCorvey

Dr. Zamecia McCorvey is an educational consultant who has over 15 years in the public school system as a school psychologist. She holds a Doctorate Degree in education and a Master’s degree in school leadership. She has dedicated her career to serving students of all ages and grade levels, specifically with special needs.

Dr. McCorvey’s knowledge in educational leadership has been paramount to school administrators and school staff as she has provided them with guidance in the implementation of evidence-based strategies and intervention programs for school campuses to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of students.

More importantly, she has also been an advocate for students’ and parents’ rights in the school system by guiding educating school teams on educational policies and laws in providing special services for students.

Dr. McCorvey has served as a mental health counselor for students helping them with developing a positive outlook in times of hardship.  She has also given back to the field of school psychology by being a part-time professor at National University.

Dr. McCorvey also volunteered 5 years as a representative on the Board of Directors committee of the School Psychology Association, by providing education and feedback regarding issues related to diversity and social justice.

Dr. McCorvey has a passion for providing support for students with mental health problems that may be hindering them academically and socially. She connects with others with the same struggles as she has had childhood difficulties and mental health issues of her own to overcome while reaching her life goals.

Dr. McCorvey understands that learning is important in all aspects of life and there are mental health obstacles that may hinder progress. She is motivated and committed to providing resources and strategies for those looking to navigate the world of education and beyond despite life challenges.



Dr. Zamecia McCorvey


Los Angeles, California

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