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QueenBeeing.com is proud to partner with Dr. Robin Bryman.

Dr. Bryman is a Licensed Psychologist and the QueenBeeing.com psychology advisor and content partner. In her role as content partner and psychology expert at QueenBeeing, she helps to ensure that our content is accurate and not harmful to our readers and viewers.

In addition to creating expert narcissistic abuse recovery content on her Tiktok and Instagram pages, Dr. Bryman appears in some of Angie Atkinson’s YouTube and TikTok videos, as well as offering guidance to our coaches regarding accurate content.

About Dr. Robin Bryman

Dr. Bryman earned a Doctoral Degree in School Psychology from the City University of New York in 2002 and holds two Master’s Degrees in Counseling Psychology and Industrial Psychology from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, earned in 1990. Before that,she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany in 1988.

Dr. Bryman has vast experience in the field of Psychology over the years. This includes an extensive research background involving children, adolescents, and parenting. In addition, she was an adjunct professor at Queens College, teaching both Undergraduate and Graduate students courses spanning from Psychology, Elementary, and Secondary Education.

For over 18 years, Dr. Bryman has been in private practice specializing in children, adolescents, families, individual counseling, and marital counseling. Often treating anxiety and depression, as well as conducting play therapy and parenting training. In addition, she is a specialist in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic Therapy.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert 

More recently, Dr. Bryman has become an expert in Narcissist Abuse Recovery. In her private practice, she treats individuals and runs a group. By sharing recovery strategies from both a clinical and personal perspective, Dr. Bryman helps clients recover from all aspects of this complex type of abuse. Issues can range from the inability to break free completely from the relationship to struggles with CPTDS and self-blame.

Dr. Bryman’s Narcissist Abuse recovery group meets twice a month. A consultation and assignments are required for entry into the group.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please visit Dr. Robin Bryman via Psychology Today and her website at drrobinbryman.com.You can also contact her through her social media accounts @drrobinbryman.


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