The DUO Method

Discover. Understand. Overcome.

The 3-Step DUO Method to life-changing and problem-solving is deceptively simple – but it works for literally every single problem you have in your life.

The Steps:

Discover the problem.

Understand the problem.

Overcome the problem.

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How the DUO Method Was Developed: The Story

In my lifetime, I have managed to fix a lot of broken stuff, from the after-effects of narcissistic abuse and PTSD to losing more than 100 pounds and keeping it off for more than five years so far.
And those are just the big things. I’ve also managed to leave the corporate world of working for other people to pursue my dreams and do what I love for a living. Plus, I’ve managed to build a pretty amazing family and generally feel pretty good about my life these days.
In general, while life is far from perfect, I’ve learned how to change my mind when times are tough, and I’ve learned how to deal with the emotions that go along with the tough times.
For me, it all started with first the discovery of each problem I had, and then with the understanding of that problem or issue. Once I understood it, I could learn how to overcome it in a logical, practical way.
As someone who identifies as an empath, I tend to be an emotionally driven person, but learning to handle and manage my emotions was one of the biggest changes I made in my life that allowed me to grow and become capable of the various evolutions I’ve experienced over the years.
These evolutions happened because of my study and understanding of both myself and human nature.
Somehow for me, the discovery and recognition of a problem leads me to naturally want to research and understand it.
And then the natural flow leads me to find a solution to that problem.
Sometimes these are big issues, like those I mentioned earlier, but other times they are small ones – like this morning. I discovered soap scum on my bathtub after my kids used it over the weekend.
Since I know that soap scum is part soap, part  human dirt/oil and part skin cells, I knew that using a touch of shampoo on a wash cloth might do the trick. And it did – faster than even a toxic bleach-filled powder could.

This is how smart people everywhere can solve literally every problem in their lives. Discover the problem. Understand the problem. Overcome the problem.


It’s the DUO method.

You are not alone

Let us walk you through it.

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