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Easy ways to organize your garage

Looking for some organization out in the garage? Too many nails, screws, and hammers just laying around without a home? Pinterest is full of great ideas for organizing. Try these simple tricks to help remove the clutter from your life.

Tools – Store and organize your tools on the wall using this handy method. Each tool has it’s own spot. Simple to put together using pegboard. Those tools will never be lost again.

Image From Pinterest


Workbench – Using a fold away work area frees up so much room when not in use. This will also force whoever is working out there to put all tools away before lowering the work bench.

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Hoses and Cords – Is your garden hose rolled up and thrown into the corner of your garage? How about that long orange electrical cord? Try this to fix the problem. A simple coat hook and plastic chain is all you need.

Image From Pinterest

Drill Bits and Small Tools – Place a small magnetic strip on a piece of wood and put your smaller tools and/or drill bits on it for safe keeping. These are always getting lost in big tool boxes. Now they are within easy reach and we don’t have to go searching for them.

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Recycling – Look out trash because you are about to be organized. Recycling can be a big sticky mess when stored in a garage. Using some stack-able shelves along with a couple labels and your recycling just got a lot more organized. Easy to clean too.

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