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How to Trust Your Intuition Again After Toxic Relationships: Empaths Guide – If you are an empath and you are doubting your reality, not trusting your own judgment or always second-guessing yourself, this video is for you. Also included: overcoming addiction to narcissists and trusting yourself to make a decision. Focus on those blessed with the empathy gene. Motivational video for narcissistic relationship recovery.

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3 Responses to Empath’s Guide to Trusting Your Intuition After Abuse

  1. My question is. How do you know which emotions are your own, and which ones are those of other’s. It is all very confusing now, feels like a roller coaster that won’t stop to let me off. lol. I know the feeling of someone else’s energy or emotions, but since I mirror others emotions, according to the kind of empath I am, am I mirroring their feelings or am i mirroring my own? I will get the hang of it, it’s just seems so much more intense now?

  2. Grounding has really helped me. I use the ‘so hum’ mantra. Basically, for me, it means ‘I am here’ There are times when I simultaneously use the mantra while visualizing current me attending to the emotional needs of a child me….”It’s okay, I am here. I won’t let anyone hurt you ever again.”
    I have a love/hate relationship with being an empath (I’m 54…you are never too old to figure this stuff out) I know why my entire life everyone has said “you’re too sensitive” They were right. But it mostly is a good thing. I try to remind myself of what is mine and what is theirs emotionally. Seriously…it is really odd to walk through stores and can feel everyone’s stuff. But I do like how I can spot red flags of narc or other nepharious folks…not 100%, but it’s close. As always, really good info and new ideas to practice. Thanks

  3. Just read a new way to use all four elements that has been very effective. Its a level up thing.

    First you start with wind and imagine the wind wrapping around you and keeping the mental and verbal nonsense away. Gentle warning to stay out.

    Second is water. Imagine a cool moving bubble of gentle water washing away the b.s.

    Third is that doesn’t work is earth. You can build a mud hut around you or a brick wall that says ok, I’m not kidding, back off.

    Fourth if they are really sending negative energy or mashing the hell out of you, is fire. Blaze away and send the message I was not kidding, back off.

    Rarely need to get to fire but wow is it effective. Just a thought on a leveling way to block out negative energy since many people have no idea that they are projecting their inside feelings.

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