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We have several different FAQ pages available. Choose the one that best fits your needs, and please do give it a shot – these pages are being actively updated to reflect the ACTUAL most frequently asked questions we get from our fellow survivors of narcissistic abuse. That means you might actually find the answer you’re seeking here.

A Specific Situation with the Narcissist

Narcissists and toxic people tend to follow patterns in relationships.

If the narcissist in your life is bothering you, ignoring you, confusing you, stalking you, verbally abusing you or otherwise making you feel crazy, or you just discovered you’re with a narcissist, or you have any specific question about your toxic relationship, this is the FAQ for you.  

Support Questions, Where to Find Stuff, Etc.

Need to find something? Wondering how to get coaching, or got a question about a group?

If your question is something related to getting help, something that happened in a group or related to a business page, this is the FAQ for you. You will also find help with how to find various resources, what to do if you need help but don’t have money and much more.

Words, Acronyms and Phrases Used in the Recovery Community

This is a comprehensive glossary of terminology used in narcissistic abuse recovery support groups and communities, as well as in books and videos on the topic.

Each word, phrase and acronym is defined as it is related to NPD abuse recovery and each offers links to expand on the topic it covers.

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