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We all know someone who seems to have “it all” and many of us can relate to feeling a little jealous of or even angry at Miss or Mr. Perfect. Maybe she’s got the career you’ve always wanted or is Supermom, ruler of the PTA. Or perhaps he’s got the boss’s ear or a sweeter ride than you. Maybe it’s as simple as the fact that their address plaque hangs in a nicer part of town than yours.

While it’s easy to feel slighted or frustrated when you see others achieving success (especially when they’re succeeding in an area you wish YOU could succeed in), it’s completely counter-productive to personal fulfillment.

As we’ve discussed several times, you attract what you put out there–so if you’re constantly allowing yourself to feel “less than” or “not good enough” or “unworthy” by comparing yourself to those who seem more successful, then you will become those things.

So what does this mean? If we’ve let this type of negativity into our lives, is it hopeless? Are we doomed to continue the cycle of unhappiness?

There’s always hope, and the good news is that you can make simple changes today to start bringing more good into your life. Simply changing your perception and allowing yourself to feel genuine joy and happiness for your Miss or Mr. Perfect’s success can help to draw more success (and joy and happiness) into your own life.

Does it sound too good to be true?

I can tell you from personal experience that it’s not–but let’s help you figure that out on your own. Today, my challenge to you is to open your heart and allow yourself to feel really happy for someone else’s success. Congratulate them, tell them how proud you are of them and even how much you admire what they’re doing. Be genuine, be real, and actually feel those feelings.

Afterward, I can promise you that you’ll feel lighter and happier and even more in control of yourself and your situation.

And don’t forget: you can have whatever you want, whatever you believe you can. Learning to be happy for the success of others will help you to attract more of that into your life–more happiness, more success. Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

What do you think?

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6 Responses to Finding Joy in the Success of Others

  1. I totally agree. Being jealous or envious of others is no way to live.

  2. Whenever I get envious of someone else, I ask myself if I am willing to do whatever it took them to get those things (i.e. work more hours, go further into debt, sell a kidney). Generally, the answer is no and then I go back to feeling good about what I have.

  3. What do I think? I think you are wise way beyond your years! Wonderful post!

  4. Fabulous post….I can sometimes struggle with this, but I loved the perspective you gave!!

    Thank you for the reminder.

  5. Sometimes we manufacture our own sh*t. Or we worry about things we cannot control rather than all of the things that we can.

    No matter how bad my life is, it really ain't. lol So why not be happy for others when things are going well for them.

  6. very insightful message you have here. I agree with you whole heartly, you must first be happy for others before you can be happy for yourself.

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