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push upsToday’s Fit Mission is inspired by and dedicated to my friend Melina and her co-worker Iisha.

Melina, who has herself lost more than 50 pounds, told me that she and Iisha are stopping for a moment every hour to do 10 pushups. By the end of their workday, they do 100 pushups or so.

Well, this inspired me. I thought–wow, if I do 10 pushups for every waking hour, I could skip a few and get my 100 in easily.

(And friends, I can even do pushups in my “big shoes”–AKA platform wedges–so no excuses!)

Ten pushups is nothing, but there’s no way I could do 100 at once. But the benefits are still there–so that’s why today’s mission asks you to do the same.

So that’s the mission today: Ten pushups every hour for ten hours.

Need to Modify?

If your doctor says you’re healthy enough to exercise but you can’t do pushups, that’s ok! Do ANY kind of exercise for about one to two minutes each hour for ten hours. Some alternatives include situps, pullups, marching in place, arm lifts or anything else that is safe and makes you feel good.

You might also consider doing less pushups each hour, or less hours in a row. Remember, this is all about you and you need to do what feels right for your body. And don’t forget–always check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise program.

Let’s do this! I’ll do it with you.

Will you do today’s Fit Mission? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section, below!


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