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I don’t know about you, but one of the things that has always inspired me when it comes to losing weight is “before and after” photos.

Whether they’re mine or someone else’s, I love to see them!

They literally prove that it can be done.

When I first started on my journey, I found myself googling things like “weight loss before and after photos” and “weight loss success stories.”

I got on YouTube and watched videos that showed a progression of weight loss over time in photos. Those videos would later inspire me to make one of my own.

With that being said, there are very few full-body photos of me at my highest weight–and that’s for a reason. Besides always hiding from the camera (or being the one behind it), I was a huge fan of deleting and/or cropping photos that I didn’t like–and at that point, there weren’t many I liked.

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(It’s true–you can look at my Facebook timeline photos I’m tagged in and probably guess when I was heavy–there are very few tagged of me from that time!)

Anyhoo, after I’d lost about 15 pounds, I did take some full body shots for posterity–one from the front, one from the side and one from the back. They are humiliating, and I wish I’d never looked that way–but I am so glad I have them now, because they offer me a reminder of how far I’ve come (and a reminder of why this is a lifestyle change and not a temporary deal.)

So, whether you’re just starting your journey or you’re already in maintenance mode, take some full-body shots of yourself–FOR yourself–today.

Fitness Mission: Take your own before & after weight loss pictures

Take three full-body photos of yourself today–one from the front, one from the side and one from the back. File them in a secret folder if you like–you never have to show them to anyone if you don’t want to, they’re just for you.

Weight Loss Progress Photo Tips:

  • Show as much skin as you can stand in the photo (but keep your private bits covered, in case you later decide to publish them or share them in a progress video like I did.) This is one regret I have–I wish I’d taken a couple shots in a swimsuit or at least something that showed more of my actual body.)
  • Be sure you use a decent-quality camera if you can–but any camera will do if not.
  • Try to take the photo in a well-lit area and remember that this is supposed to be a VERY HONEST photo–so let it all hang out. Not only will it give you a better idea of your progress later, but if you’re like me, you’ll find it very motivating.

Do you find progress photos motivating in your weight-loss journey? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below!

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