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Latest Progress 2262013I always find weight loss before and after pictures inspiring and helpful–especially when they’re of myself or someone who is sort of shaped like me.

But I just call them progress pictures, because for now, I’m still on my journey to fitness–I’m not quite done.

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So here’s my latest progress photo. On the left, I’m close to my highest weight ever. The photo on the right was taken over the weekend.

And now it’s your turn! Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

Fitness Mission

Use photos to inspire you. Some ideas:

  • Make your own side-by-side progress photo. Just take a photo in a similar pose of you at a higher weight and place it next to your current photo.
  • Make an inspiration photo. Place a photo of yourself next to a ph0to of your ideal body. Check out to find one that is really close to what you’re going for–it really  helped me at the beginning.
  • Make progress photos a regular practice. And if you happen to find yourself looking especially hot one day, go ahead and take a few full-body shots in your standard pose. You’ll appreciate it later.

Guidelines for Weight Loss Progress Photos

Take three full-body photos of yourself today–one from the front, one from the side and one from the back. File them in a secret folder if you like–you never have to show them to anyone if you don’t want to, they’re just for you.

Weight Loss Progress Photo Tips:

  • Show as much skin as you can stand in the photo (but keep your private bits covered, in case you later decide to publish them or share them in a progress video like I did.) This is one regret I have–I wish I’d taken a couple shots in a swimsuit or at least something that showed more of my actual body.)
  • Be sure you use a decent-quality camera if you can–but any camera will do if not.
  • Try to take the photo in a well-lit area and remember that this is supposed to be a VERY HONEST photo–so let it all hang out. Not only will it give you a better idea of your progress later, but if you’re like me, you’ll find it very motivating.

Do you find progress photos motivating in your weight-loss journey? Share your thoughts in the comments section, below!

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