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As you can see, my arms are getting slimmer, but they still need work! This is what inspired today’s Fit Mission. Can you relate?

Since I’ve been losing weight, I’ve been feeling a lot better about the way my body looks and feels, but as my journey is a continuing one, I still have certain areas that I’m working on improving.

One of those is my upper arms. While I agree that they look tremendously better than they once did (see photo to the right), they are still a little plump and a little flabbier than I’d like.

So, for my personal Love Yourself Challenge, I’m adding a new goal: to tone up my flabby arms. And while we all know how important diet is when it comes to getting rid of flab, we should also remember how much shapelier (and healthier) it is to have a little lean muscle in there.

Today’s Fit Mission: Tone Up Flabby Arms With Exercise

Whether you’re doing it to be healthier or you’re doing it to be hotter (or both, like me), I invite you to join me in adding in a special daily workout (just a few minutes a day will do!) designed to tone up flabby arms.

And since I’m a cheapskate Since I’m frugal, I’ve collected a few free workout videos, each of which features exercises to tone up flabby arms.

Pick one (or more) and give it a shot! Then, let me know what you think, in the comments section, below!

Optional Bonus Fit Mission: Tone Up Flabby Arms With Body Wraps

I love the It Works body wraps–they have even drastically improved the look of my flabby “c-section belly.” (See photo below–that’s the same pair of jeans in each one!)

What a difference a few months can make! This is/was me!

What a difference a few months can make! This is/was me!

With that being said, in addition to my exercise and diet efforts, I’ll be adding It Works body wraps to my arm regimen. I’ll keep you posted!

One more thing: what are your favorite ways to get and keep your upper arms toned? Share your thoughts, videos, links and experiences in the comments section.

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