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itworks promo2Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes from Dawnie, one of my Fit & Fabulous girls.
With her permission, I’m publishing this stream of consciousness post she shared in our private weight loss group.
When I read it, I felt like she had made some really big realizations, and I asked her if I could share it here at Project Blissful.
Fit & Fabulous: How I Used an Old Photo to Inspire Me for Future Change
By Dawn Bininger
So I am on the verge of a mental breakthrough. Been weeding through some mental garbage in my head for several days now. I will share here in a few days. Mostly for my benefit, as it will probably bore you guys to death.
Anyway, I too made some progress pics this morning so I could hop on the progress pic train, but then I decided at the last minute to add a different pic, because it is more relevant to me of where I want to be.
This pic below was taken in the Summer of 2007…It was a very sad/weird/happy time of my life…I was 180 pounds here. STILL OBESE by society standards (I am only 5″1!!)But I absolutely love this pic.

At this weight, at this time in my life, besides the personal shit I was going through, I had a very high confidence level.

And people were coming out of the woodwork to hang with me…Attracted by that confidence. Both male and female…

THIS is where I want to be again. Not to the dark stuff.

But to the light.
I want to reach 180 pounds by June first.
That is 2 pounds a week for the next 12 weeks.
I KNOW I can do it. For I HAVE done it.But I have to get through this mental shit first. And I am almost there.
How about you? Do you haveĀ  goals you can get inspired for with old photos? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section, below!
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