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One of the biggest questions I’ve been asked by victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse is this: HOW do I stop obsessing over the narcissist? How do I get OVER a narcissist?

Literally any time you end a relationship, it’s going to change your life – and the more significant the relationship, the more significantly the change in your life.

But when it comes to a narcissist, there’s a whole other layer involved – and it’s called TOXIC love addiction.

In any case, you need to know something important: it’s not your fault that you feel so drawn to your abuser. You are LITERALLY addicted to him/her.

I’ll explain — and I’ll offer you real solutions that actually WORK to help you let go of the narcissist and his or her toxic poison – and its hold on you – so that you can move forward and learn to be happy again. Life can get really, really good – if you only allow it. I’m offering you my own tips for things that worked for me – and I’m sharing some personal anecdotes from my own life to help you understand what worked for me, and how to apply it to your own situation.

So, now that you’ve watched the video – I have to ask. 

Have you been involved with a toxic narcissist in the past, or are you currently involved in one now? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section and let’s discuss it!

You never know who you might help.


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One Response to How do you get over a narcissist? (Video)

  1. Im in love with my nar,,, he has broken up with me 8 times over the last year,,,and I convinced him to come back everytime,,, because life with him was bad but being without him is worse,,,, he was verbally abused to me over the last year and ahalf,, very subtle mean things,, then a month ago after he broke up with me by text,,, i wanted to talk to him,, he physcally grabbed me and threw me out of his car,,,, he has blamed me for his explosive anger all year long and tells me all the time im emotionally unhealthy and so many other things wrong with me,, and i love everything about him,,, except the abusive side,,, i want to still be with him,, im missing him,, and i feel crazy that i want to love an abuser,,, i have been texting him,, he doesnt respond,,, except to tell me he loves me but i have created a dynamic with him that he has never been through before,,, he has been single for 10 years and has never had a relationsip more than 2 months,,, except for me,, he has totally gone back to his single life and the 30 woman relationship that has stroked his ego for the past 30 years,,, and I spend my days crying and missing him and wanting to feel him love me again,,,
    i am depressed beyond i can handle,,, i want to be with him,,,, still,,, i am humiliated that i am in lvoe with an abuser and cant let go xoxoxoo

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